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TV and monitor recycling

If your old TV has stopped working due to the UK’s digital switchover you do not need to get a new one, as virtually any TV can be upgraded to receive digital television channels. 

As long as your existing TV has a SCART socket you can upgrade by using a digi-box. Digi-box prices start at around the £30 mark. 

Depending on your circumstances you could get support from the government's 'Switchover help scheme'. They have written to all households in the UK that are eligible for help.

Click here to visit the Digital UK website and find out more about the digital switchover.

However, if you do want to dispose of your analogue TV and upgrade to a digital one, why not consider donating it if it still in good working order.

Freecycle is a non-profit movement that encourages people to give things for free in their local community.

Computer monitors can also be donated to charities who welcome donations of computer equipment.

Eco Computer Systems is an organisation based in Lewisham who is able to make use of monitors that are still in working order.

If your TV or monitor is no longer in working order it can be taken to our Reuse and Recycling Centre at Landmann Way in New Cross.

Please note: both cathode ray tube (CRT) and LCD TVs and monitors are classified as hazardous waste because of the toxins that they contain, and therefore need to be disposed of differently from ordinary waste. 

The Reuse and Recycling Centre operatives must log the details of anyone who disposes of either a TV or a monitor at the Reuse and Recycling Centre.

LED TVs and plasma screen TVs are not considered hazardous waste, but still fall under these guidelines.


Reuse and recycling centre
Civic Amenities Site
Landmann Way
Se14 5rs


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