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Policing and public safety

Information about public safety, including hate crime, antisocial behaviour and youth offending.
Hate crime
Report a hate crime and see what we are doing to stop it.
Neighbourhood watch and help preventing scams
We can give you advice and support on setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, as well as advice on preventing scams or support if you have been the victim of a scam.
Our public health approach to reducing violence
Find out about our approach for reducing violence in the borough.
Violence against women and girls (VAWG)
Get support if you are experiencing gender-based violence or want to report it.
Youth offending
We work with the community and local agencies such as the police and schools to help keep young people aged 10–17 out of trouble. 
Antisocial behaviour
Report antisocial behaviour and see what we are doing to tackle it.
Find out what to do in an emergency, what help is available and how you can prepare for an emergency.
Restorative justice
Find out about restorative justice meetings for people affected by community issues such as crime, antisocial behaviour or problems with a neighbour.
Lewisham Prevent programme
Information about the borough-wide initiative between us, the police and other key agencies and communities to deter extremism and support vulnerable people.
Pledge to victims of crime
Read our pledge to create a community of support for people in the borough.
CCTV cameras in the borough
​How we use closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the borough and a list of their locations.
Useful websites about policing and public safety
Get more information on policing and public safety