Adult social care complaints procedure

What happens when you make a complaint about adult social care.

How do I make a complaint

  • Telephone the manager of the service to discuss your concerns or call 020 8314 6131/020 8314 8974.

  • Community services customer relations team
    5th floor Laurence House
    SE6 4RU

How will you deal with my complaint?

The government has given us guidelines to tell us how social care complaints must be dealt with. These are called the complaints procedure.

Anyone who received or is affected by a social care service may make a complaint. If you prefer, you can ask someone to complain on your behalf.

This could be a relative, friend, carer, doctor or someone independent who can speak for you.

The complaints procedure

The adult social care complaints procedure is about trying to resolve complaints more effectively. We want to make sure that the chance for services to learn and improve is not lost.

We aim to:

  • Tell you within three working days of receiving it, that we have your complaint. If you have given us your telephone number, we will call you to do that and talk with you about how you would like us to investigate.

  • Look into your concerns with the next 25 working day. If your complaint is more difficult, we may ask you for more time and ask to visit and talk with you about your concerns.
  • Give you a detailed answer, in writing, explaining how we looked into your complaint, what we found out and what we think should happen next;
  • Inform you about any learning or improvements we think can be made as a result of your complaint and how will implement it.
  • Talk to you about how you can take your complaint further if you do not think we have answered all your concerns.

We want to put right anything that may have gone wrong as quickly and fairly as possible and we will always try to do that first, without making you go through the complaints procedure.

You can at any time refer your complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO). The LGO investigates the administration of local authorities and has its own procedures.

You can contact the LGO using the following details:

PO Box 4771
Coventry. CV4 0EH
Email: advice@lgo.org.uk
0300 061 0614.

What if I need help with my complaint?

If you want to contact us but would like some help and advice on how to tell us your concerns, you can use an advocacy service to support you. We can provide you with details of an advocacy service in the Lewisham area or other local services you may find useful.

For more information, please contact the Community Services Customer Relations team on 020 8314 8660.