Book a collection of large items

Book a collection of large items

You are about to book a collection of large items. Before you do, please read this page carefully.

Do you have an account?

To book a collection of large items you will need a Lewisham Council account. If you don’t have an account already, please create an account now and then return to this page to book your collection.

Ready to book?

Once logged in you will see our quick online booking system where you will:

  • tell us what items you need collecting
  • choose your collection date
  • pay online for the collection with a credit or debit card.

Payment and conditions

  • Book up to three household items such as carpets, chairs, beds or sofas for £15.
  • A £15 recharge will apply if we need to revisit a property.
  • Payment is non-refundable.
  • You will still be charged even if you cancel the booking before your items are collected.
  • There is a separate form for fridge collections. You will still be charged if you book the wrong type of collection.

What happens next?

  • Please stack items neatly within the boundary of your property, near to the pavement (e.g. in your front garden) the night before your collection day. If you live in a flat, please leave them at the front of the building. We can only collect items from the ground floor.
  • One carpet must be rolled, tied and manageable by two people. If you need to dispose of underlay, this counts as a separate item.
  • We will only remove items you have told us about. If you have any additional items, please submit a new request.
  • Heavy items not manageable by two people will not be collected.
  • Collections take place between 6.30am–2.30pm.