Appealing against not getting offered a place by a primary school

Appealing against not getting offered a place by a primary school

You can appeal against any decision not to offer your child a place at a school you applied for. 

We deal with appeals for Lewisham community schools. Schools, which are their own admission authority (e.g. academies or faith schools) and schools outside the borough, deal with their own appeals. 

If a child does not qualify for a place at one of the schools that the parent has applied for, we will offer an alternative school. This may be a faith school, a non-faith school or a school outside the family’s neighbourhood.

There is no limit on how far a place can be offered however, we will aim to offer a place within two miles of the family home.

We would encourage parents to accept the school offered and not to decline as it cannot be guaranteed that a school of the parent’s preference can be offered by the start of the school year.

Before you decide whether to accept an offer please visit the school first and speak to the headteacher about the opportunities available to your child.

All Lewisham's headteachers will be delighted to show you their school and assure you that your child can excel there. Accepting our offer will not affect any waiting list your child's name is added to or any admissions appeal.


For independent advice, you can contact ACE Education Advice. They have a telephone advice line on 0300 0115 142, Monday–Wednesday, 10am–1pm.

In 2015–16, 134 appeals were heard from primary and secondary schools. 102 of these were about primary schools and none were successful.

Timetable of appeals

​Date Event​
16 April 2018​ Offers for Reception class places in September 2018 are made
11 May 2018​ Deadline for lodging Reception class place appeals for community schools in Lewisham
June–July 2018 Appeal hearings for community primary schools in Lewisham

Appealing online

If you would like to appeal for a community school online, please use the button below. You will need to login to our website and if you do not have an account you will need to register first. The form usually takes about 20 minutes to complete depending on the nature of your appeal.

Printable appeal form 

You can also download an appeal form and email or send it to us at the address below. If you would like a hard copy of the form, please contact us, details below.