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Lewisham Education Commission

Information about the Lewisham Education Commission.

What is the Lewisham Education Commission?

Given the rapidly changing local and national context, we are developing a long-term vision for education in the borough. This will help us shape the changes ahead and give us greater control over our own destiny.

To support the development of this strategy, the Mayor agreed to appoint an Education Commission to look at education in Lewisham and make recommendations for action, particularly in terms of future organisation, both for schools and school-led improvement.

The Lewisham Education Commission's report has now been presented to Mayor and Cabinet.

Who sits on the Commission?

  • Christine Gilbert is chair of the Commission. She is currently visiting professor at the Institute of Education, UCL. Christine was previously a head teacher, director of education, local authority chief executive and Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector at Ofsted.
  • Robert Hill, a visiting senior research fellow at King's College London, is an educational consultant, researcher and writer. He was a senior policy adviser to the Labour government.
  • David Woods is a visiting professor at Warwick University and chair of the London Leadership Strategy. Formerly, David was a senior education adviser at the Department for Education and chief adviser for London Schools and the London Challenge.
  • Michael Pain is Director of Forum Education. He was previously at the National College and is supporting the work of the Commission.

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