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Reuse and recycling centre

Find information about the reuse and recycling centre at Landmann Way in New Cross, including who can use the centre, when it is open and what you can recycle.

Who can use the centre

You can only use the reuse and recycling centre if you live in the Lewisham borough. You need to bring ID with you to prove you are a resident.

What ID you need to bring

When you arrive at the centre, you need to show proof of identity and proof of address. You must bring the original documents, we won't accept electronic copies.

Proof of ID and address

We accept

  • current photo driving licence
  • current Blue Badge parking permit.

Separate proof of identity and proof of address

For proof of identity, we accept:

  • passport
  • work ID
  • gym membership with photo
  • medical card
  • national insurance card
  • credit or debit card.

For proof of address, we accept:

  • gas, electricity or telephone bill, no more than four months old
  • water bill, no more than 12 months old
  • bank, credit card or building society statement, no more than four months old
  • current council rent book or council tenancy agreement
  • council tax bill, less than 12 months old
  • housing association tenancy agreement or housing association rent book.

We do not accept any other proof of address or identity.

Opening hours

1 April–30 September ​opening hours​

Sunday to Friday​ (last vans 6.30pm and last cars 6.50pm) 8am–7pm​
Saturday​ (last vans 11.30am and last cars 11.50am) 8am–12 noon​
Bank holidays​ (last vans 6.30pm and last cars 6.50pm) 8am–7pm ​

1 October–31 March opening hours​ ​

Sunday to Friday​ (last vans 3.30pm and last cars 3.50pm) 8am–4pm ​​​
Saturday ​​(last vans 11.30am and last cars 11.50am) 8am–12 noon ​​
Bank holidays ​​(last vans 3.30pm and last cars 3.50pm) 8am–4pm ​​
25 and 26 December, 1 January​ closed ​​

The site is very busy on weekends, especially on Saturdays when the centre closes at 12 noon.

On Saturdays, we may not allow cars with seats that are down or removed to enter after 11.30am, depending on the size of load. You may have to complete a non-trade declaration form. This does not apply if your car has the seats up.

What you can recycle

You can recycle:

  • glass
  • textiles
  • scrap metal
  • cans and tins
  • paper and card
  • electrical items
  • all light bulbs
  • plastic bottles
  • car batteries
  • TVs and monitors
  • used cooking oil
  • garden waste and wood
  • fridges and freezers
  • bulky household items.

We will count and record the number of TVs, monitors, fridges and freezers you deposit, and we may ask you to complete a form. Make sure any fridges and freezers don't have food in.

What you can't recycle

We cannot accept:

  • car tyres
  • soil and stones
  • baths
  • window frames
  • sacks of general DIY waste
  • kitchen units
  • concrete fence posts
  • water tanks
  • toilets
  • plasterboard
  • worktops.

DIY waste

We do not accept DIY waste and rubble because it counts as construction and demolition waste. We also do not accept trade waste, including waste removed by a private contractor on behalf of a resident.

To dispose of DIY waste, rubble, soil and stones you can hire a skip or hippo bags, or contact a licensed waste carrier.

Get help unloading

We can only remove items from your vehicle if you make a request for assistance.

Site rules

  • You should pre-sort items so you can dispose of them quickly and help the speed of traffic flow.
  • You can't park your vehicles outside the site and walk items in, because this can cause congestion and is a health and safety risk.
  • We will reject vehicles with inappropriate loads.
  • We may inspect the load in your vehicle before you enter the site and while you unload.

Van drivers

  • If your van contains a mix of unacceptable and acceptable loads, e.g. DIY waste and green waste, we will reject it.
  • You can only bring your van in four times each financial year. We monitor vehicles and may take enforcement action if you visit more than this.
  • Trailers and open backed vehicles are not allowed.
  • Commercial vehicles are not allowed to use the site, except for authorised contractors. During this time the centre may be closed for a period for health and safety reasons.
  • If you hire a van and drive it yourself, you are allowed on to site.
  • 'Man and van' vehicles are not allowed on site, even if hired by a resident. We class waste transported in this manner as trade waste, because it is being dealt with on a hire and reward basis.
  • If you hire a 'man and van', you won't able to bring that waste into the centre. You and the waste carrier will be responsible for making sure the waste is disposed of properly.

For full information, read the guidelines at the bottom of this page.

Hazardous waste collection

The City of London provides a hazardous household waste collection service to help you safely dispose of asbestos and boxed chemicals including paint.

If you want to arrange a collection or would like more information about this service, visit the City of London's website or call them on 020 7332 3433.

Reuse and recycling centres in neighbouring boroughs

You can use the reuse and recycling centres in Bexley and Bromley, but there is a fixed charge for every visit by non-residents.

In Bexley, you will be charged £10 a visit.

In Bromley, you will be charged £3 a visit for household waste.

Bromley may also accept soil, brick, DIY, rubble and construction waste for a fee according to weight. Currently, the minimum charge is £21 and vehicles will need to use the weighbridge for an exact price.

Check their websites for up-to-date information:


Reuse and recycling centre
Civic Amenities Site
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