How to transfer your child to a different school during a school year

How to transfer your child to a different school during a school year

Find out what you need to do if you want your child to go to a different school during the school year, or if you are new to Lewisham and need to apply for a school place.

This is separate from the normal stages of children starting school in Reception or those transferring from Year 6 to Year 7.

Before you apply to transfer​

If you would like your child to change schools, you should discuss the reasons with the headteacher of your child's current school first. Problems and difficulties can often be worked out without the need to disrupt your child's education.

If, after talking to the headteacher, you still want your child to transfer to a new school then you will need to complete an in-year common application form (iCAF).

How to apply to transfer schools​

We accept applications from residents as well as children living outside the borough. You must apply for a primary or secondary school place on the iCAF (you can download a copy below).

You must submit the form with a copy of:

  • your current year's council tax bill to confirm your child's home address
  • a current child benefit letter or child tax credit letter to confirm you have parental responsibility. 

Your child’s current headteacher must complete Section 9 of the form before you return it to us.

What happens after you send your application form​

We will send you a confirmation letter with the outcome of your application once you complete all the form and include the evidence we ask for. This can take up to 20 school days from the date we get your completed application.




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