Lewisham Council - Torridon Road Library

Torridon Road community library service

Visit our libraries to find a wide range of books including fiction, health information, biography, coding, picture books, arts and science. You can also attend a host of community led events as well as make use of study space, free PC access and free WiFi access.

Community library services for Torridon Road are being hosted by The Archibald Corbett Community Library, Arts and Heritage Centre.


Torridon Road community library
Torridon Road Library
Torridon Road
Se6 1rq
020 8378 5358


Opening hours:
Monday 9am–6pm
Tuesday 9am–6pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 9am–6pm
Friday 9am–1pm
Saturday 9am–5pm
Sunday Closed

Our eLibrary is always open!​


Select a date from the calendar. 

Police Safer Neighbourhoods Surgery Free

Torridon Road community library 23 January 1pm to 2pm

Come and ask your local police questions about keeping your neighbourhood safe


Health Visitor Baby Clinic Free

Torridon Road community library 23 January 1.30PM to 3pm

Free baby clinic. Entrance through side gate.


Colouring Club Free

Torridon Road community library 23 January 3.30PM to 4.30PM

Free colouring session for kids.


Sparkle Music Free

Torridon Road community library 25 January 9.15AM to 9.45AM

Songs and games for babies.


Free ESOL Classes - Thursday Free

Torridon Road community library 25 January 9.15AM to 11.15AM

Free class for learners of English as a second language.


Breastfeeding Support Group Free

Torridon Road community library 25 January 10am to 12 noon

Support group for breastfeeding mothers.


Gentle Seated Yoga Free

Torridon Road community library 25 January 11.30AM to 12.30PM

Chair yoga led by the lovely Ntathu.


Thursday Knit 'n' Natter + stitch and fix Free

Torridon Road community library 25 January 1.30PM to 2.30PM

​A casual, weekly group for knitters of all ages and abilities. Come for a chat with some knitting with a lovely, friendly group of total knitters.


Women's Institute Free

Torridon Road community library 25 January 7.30PM to 9pm

Women's Institute Meeting.


Story Time Free

Torridon Road community library 26 January 9.30AM to 10am

Story time for the under-5s!


We are Catford South Reminiscence Project Free

Torridon Road community library 26 January 11am to 12.30PM

Local history group for Catford South


Hatha Yoga Free

Torridon Road community library 27 January 9am to 10.15AM

Free Hatha Yoga class at your local library


Emotional Support Group Free

Torridon Road community library 27 January 10.30AM to 1.30PM

Support group for everyone. Come and get help from a supportive and understanding team.


Councillors' Surgery Free

Torridon Road community library 27 January 11am to 12 noon

Come and meet your local councillors and discuss your issues with them.


Saturday Arts and Crafts Free

Torridon Road community library 27 January 2.30PM to 3.30PM

Arts and crafts sessions for kids aged 4 and up


Saturday craft activities

Torridon Road community library 27 January 2.30PM

​Arts and crafts activities for children


Craft activities  Free Council

Torridon Road community library 27 January 2.30PM to 3.30PM

Children's craft activities with Black History Month theme for 4+.


Trois Petits Chats Free

Torridon Road community library 29 January 9.20AM to 9.50AM

French language musical playgroup / comptines françaises pour enfants!


Digital Learning Zone Free

Torridon Road community library 29 January 10am to 12 noon

Help with online forms.


Music with Hessie and Diane Free

Torridon Road community library 29 January 10.30AM to 11.15AM

Music making for 3-5 year olds


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