Lewisham Council - Find a place to live

Find a place to live

If you need to find somewhere to live there are several options available.

Rent a home

There are many advantages to private renting – you get choice over where you live and the type of property in which you live

Buy your own home

If you cannot afford to buy a home outright there are a number of options to help residents.

Apply for social housing

The housing register was set up to house individuals and families with the greatest needs. To apply to the register you must to eligible and fit the priority criteria.

There are many more people registered on our housing list than properties available. This means that most people on the housing list face no prospect of being housed by us.

Emergency housing

If you are homeless, have nowhere to stay or need to move urgently, contact us for advice and information.


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Apply for a grant to make your home accessible

Disabled facilities grant

Homeowners: apply for a home repairs grant or loan

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