Lewisham Council - Park opening hours

Park opening hours

Opening time by 8am each day.

When events are held in a park, the closing time may be later than advertised. 

Closing times

January​ 4.30pm​
February​ 5.30pm​
March​ 6.30pm/8pm (subject to BST)​
April​ 8pm​
May​ 9pm​
June​ 9pm​
July​ 9pm​
August​ 8.30pm​
September​ 8pm​
October​ 7pm/5pm (subject to GMT)​
November​ 4.30pm​
December​ 4pm​

Parks will not be locked Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

For further information please contact Glendale on 020 8318 3986.


Glendale Grounds Management
020 8318 3986

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