All online services

All online services

A complete list of all services you can access online.

My Lewisham account

Create an account to view and manage your housing benefit, council tax or business rates accounts. Landlords can access information about tenants' housing benefit payments. Some forms are only available if you have an account.

Council tax
Pay council tax by credit or debit card​
Set up a direct debit​
Moving within Lewisham​
Moving into Lewisham​
Moving out of Lewisham​
​Missing payment
Payment arrangement form​
Apply for a refund
Empty property reduction
Landlord/letting agents change of occupancy form​
Disabled relief
Severely mentally impaired discount application​
Carer and careworker discount
Student discount
Training and apprentices discount application​
Residents of hospital and homes discount
Persons in detention discount application​
Executor's information
Single person discount
​Summons arrangement
Evidence form​
Comments, suggestions and enquiries​
Summons / bailiff enquiry​
Pay housing rents​
Pay leasehold charges​
Pay housing benefit overpayments​
Housing benefit calculator​
Apply for housing benefit and/or council tax reduction
Housing benefit change in circumstances form (tenants)​
Upload evidence for housing benefit
View your housing benefit account online
Change of circumstances for landlords / enquiry​
Get answers to housing benefit questions​
Make a general housing enquiry​
Report problems with roads and pavements​
Please note that the following forms are for reporting problems which require repair
Blocked drain or gulley
Damaged or missing street name
Damaged street furniture
Faulty street light
Faulty traffic lights (managed by TfL)
Overhanging tree or hedge
Red routes (managed by TfL)
If you have a complaint about transport issues or policy please contact the relevant department using the A to Z.​
Waste and recycling​
Sign up for garden waste collection service
Pay for trade refuse (refuse, recycling and pest control invoices)​
Book a collection for large items​
​Book a fridge collection
Request a recycling bin​
Request a waste bin​
Book a mattress collection​
Report that your waste bin has not been collected​
Report spilt waste​
Report that your recycling bin has not been collected​
School transfers​
Free school meals​
School travel support​
Comments, compliments and complaints
Subscribe to enewsletters​
Air quality
Smoky lorry or bus
Births, deaths, marriages, civil partnerships and nationality checking service​
Request a copy birth certificate​
Request a copy death certificate​
Request a copy marriage certificate​
Request a copy civil partnership certificate​
Book an appointment to register a death​
Book an appointment to register a birth​
Book an appointment to give notice to marry or form a civil partnership​
Book an appointment with the nationality checking service​
Make an enquiry about a citizenship ceremony​
Apply for an allotment​
Pay your allotment rents​
Business rates​
Pay business rates​
Tell us you are moving into a property​
Tell us you are moving out of a property​
Business rates – charity relief
Business rates relief for small businesses
Arrange to pay a summons
​​Arrange a payment
Evidence form
Comments and enquiries
Request a business rates refund​
Fostering enquiry​
Register for an adoption information session​
Jobs with the Council
Search and apply for jobs with the Council
Search and apply for jobs in schools
​Apply or renew a licence on the website
Submit documents related to a Blue Badge
Planning permission ​
Search and comment on planning applications
Search for a building control application
​Social care
Pay for social care
Report environmental problems​ ​
​On a map or using a mobile app
​Use a form
Flytipping / Seeing someone flytipping
Graffiti ​​
Dead animal
​ ​Animal fouling
​Pest control
Book a treatment to get rid of bed bugs
Book a treatment to get rid of beetles
​Book a treatment to get rid of cockroaches
​Book a treatment to get rid of fleas
​Book a treatment to get rid of garden ants
​Book a treatment to get rid of mice
​Book a treatment to get rid of moths
​Book a treatment to get rid of rats
​Book a treatment to get rid of squirrels
​Book a treatment to get rid of tropical ants
​Book a treatment to get rid of wasps
Book a cycle lesson
Apply for a disabled person's Freedom Pass​
Submit documents related to a Freedom Pass or Taxicard​
Policing and public safety​
Report hate crime or antisocial behaviour​
Community trigger​