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Contact details

The Library at Deptford Lounge

Local library and information services.

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Deptford Lounge
9 Giffin Street
Se8 4rj
Tel: 020 8314 7299
Email: deptfordlibrary@lewisham.gov.uk
Twitter: @DeptfordLounge

Opening hours:

Monday​ 8am–10pm​
Tuesday​ 8am–10pm​
Wednesday​ 8am–10pm​
Thursday​ 8am–10pm​
Friday​ 8am–10pm​
Saturday​ 9am–5pm​
Sunday​ 10am–5pm
Library staff will be present at the times listed below:
Monday 9am–7pm
Tuesday 9am–7pm
Wednesday 9am–7pm
Thursday 9am–7pm
Friday 9am–7pm
Saturday 9am–5pm
Sunday 10am–4pm

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