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Home composting

Composting is a way of improving the soil in your garden at very low cost.

Why compost?

Environmental reasons

A lot of food waste that is thrown away can instead be composted. Composting food waste, instead of throwing it away, can have a very positive effect on the amount of greenhouse gases produced.

Benefits for your garden

When you remove flowers from your garden, mow the grass, or prune a bush, valuable organic matter is lost. Composting replaces it, at very low cost. Compost can be used as a substitute for manures and fertilisers, improving the structure and health of the soil, making it more fertile.

Order a compost bin

Residents can buy a compost bin for £10

Please note: we provide 220-litre compost bins. We do not supply kitchen caddies.

Free composting workshops

We offer free composting workshops for people who live in the borough. ​​


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