Secondary school admission for children with SEN statements

Most children with special educational needs (SEN) can be supported in a mainstream school in Lewisham.

There are currently five secondary schools in Lewisham that offer specialist SEN resource provision. They give children with statements of special educational need (SSEN) the opportunity to access mainstream schools and to be educated locally, whilst still having their SEN requirements met. They also offer parents and carers greater school choice in terms of the type of provision available for their child.

Only children with SSEN will be able to apply for places in specialist SEN resource provision.

Each school offers different levels of support with each focussing on a specific area of primary need (for example, speech and language, hearing impairment and complex learning).

Each school has its own admissions criteria for the unit and its own policy on how the specialist SEN resource provision will work. The secondary schools are:

  • Addey and Stanhope – primary need: speech, language and communication
  • Bonus Pastor Catholic College – primary need: speech, language and communication
  • Conisborough College – primary need: complex learning and disabilities
  • Deptford Green – primary need: severe dyslexia
  • Sedgehill School – primary need: hearing impairment.

During September and October you can visit all secondary schools, including the schools listed above, to inform your final preferences for secondary schools for your child. During this visit you will be able to ask the schools about their specialist SEN resource provision and how it could meet the needs of your child.

If you are unable to attend a school’s open day or are unable to speak to someone at the school about their specialist SEN resource provision, a separate meeting could be arranged with the school. You should try to arrange this directly with the school or contact your SEN caseworker to get this meeting arranged.


Special Educational Needs
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