Tree design competition

Tree design competition

​You are challenged to create a new design for our Adult Learning Lewisham tree of values or outcomes tree, for the chance to win a free course up to the value of £130.

The brief

Adult Learning Lewisham uses two tree-themed designs to represent our purpose and our ethos. The time has come for us to revitalise and reinvigorate both of those tree designs. Your challenge is to create a striking design for both or one of these trees:

  1. The tree of values, which represents Adult Learning Lewisham's organisational values (the roots) and outcomes for learners (the branches).
  2. The outcomes tree, which appears on the front page of the individual learning plan, and represents the things that learners can achieve.

The size, shape and design of the tree can be anything you like. However, you must include the following words around the trees:

Words to include on the outcomes tree

  • to be physically active and well
  • to progress at work and into work
  • to improve your skills or understanding of this subject
  • to achieve an ambition
  • to create a product or project
  • to connect with others and make friends
  • to help others (e.g. friends, family, children)
  • to progress to further study
  • to develop core learning skills: confidence, research skills, English, maths, IT skills, independent study skills, time management skills, resilience and personal independence.

Words to include on the tree of values

Our values (to be put amongst the roots):

  • welcoming
  • supportive
  • diverse
  • open-minded
  • fair
  • passionate
  • tolerant
  • empathetic
  • participatory
  • inclusive.

Our goals for learners (to be put amongst the branches):

  • connect with others
  • progress in work
  • create a product or project
  • achieve an ambition
  • improve skills
  • progress to further study
  • be active and well
  • help children, family and others.

Words in tree trunk:

  • develop self.

How to enter

Application forms with accompanying images of your work should be submitted by 12 noon Monday 22 May.

These can either be sent digitally to, by post or delivered in person to Selina Eldridge, Publicity and Communications Officer, Brockley Rise centre, 2 Brockley Rise, Forest Hill SE23 1PR.

The overall winner/s will be notified on or by Tuesday 30 May.

Who is eligible to enter

The competition is open to anyone – tutors, staff, students, residents, friends and family.


The prize for the winner/s is a free place on one of our courses up to the value of £130.

There is a prize for each of the trees.