Lewisham Council - Landmann Way reuse and recycling centre

Reuse and recycling centre

 The Reuse and Recycling Centre at Landmann Way can only be used by our residents. They can use it to dispose of bulky items and garden waste.



Reuse and Recycling Centre
Civic Amenities Site
Landmann Way
Se14 5rs

Please note that the site is extremely busy on weekends, especially on Saturdays as the centre closes at 12 noon.

  • Vans are not allowed in after 11.30am.
  • Cars are not allowed in after 11.50am. Cars with seats that are down or removed, dependent on the size of load, may not be allowed in after 11.30am and may be required to complete a non-trade declaration form. This will be at the discretion of centre staff and does not apply to cars transporting loads with their car seats up and cars are not allowed in after 11.50am.
  • No exceptions can be made.

Opening hours

Spring/Summer: 1 April–30 September ​opening hours​

Sunday to Friday​ (last vans 6.30pm and last cars 6.50pm) 8am–7pm​
Saturday​ (last vans 11.30am and last cars 11.50am) 8am–12 noon​
Bank Holidays​ (last vans 6.30pm and last cars 6.50pm) 8am–7pm ​

​Autumn/Winter: 1 October–31 March opening hours​ ​

Sunday to Friday​ (last vans 3.30pm and last cars 3.50pm) 8am–4pm ​​​
Saturday ​​(last vans 11.30am and last cars 11.50am) 8am–12 noon ​​
Bank Holidays ​​(last vans 3.30pm and last cars 3.50pm) 8am–4pm ​​
25 and 26 December, 1 January​ closed ​​

Materials accepted

glass​ electrical items​ used cooking oil​
textiles ​ all light bulbs​ garden waste and wood​
scrap metal ​ plastic bottles​ fridges and freezers​
cans and tins​ car batteries ​ bulky household items ​
paper and card  ​ TVs and monitors​
TVs, monitors, fridges and freezers will be counted and numbers deposited will be recorded. (You may be asked to fill out a form regarding this.) Please ensure refrigerant units are cleared of all food. 
Staff can remove items from vehicles but only if a request for assistance is made. 

DIY waste and rubble will not be accepted as it is classified as construction and demolition waste. 

No trade waste allowed including waste removed by private contractor on behalf of a resident. 

Examples of non-acceptable items are:

  • baths
  • window frames
  • sacks of general DIY waste
  • kitchen units
  • concrete fence posts
  • water tanks
  • toilets
  • plasterboard
  • worktops.

We no longer accept car tyres and are also unable to accept soil and stones. Whilst every effort is made to accept as much and varied waste types as possible, the site is licensed by the Environment Agency and has to work within laid down parameters.

To dispose of DIY waste, rubble, soil and stones you might consider hiring a skip or hippo bags, or contacting a licensed waste carrier.


ID and proof of address

Only Lewisham residents are entitled to use the facility. As a result of this you will need to provide both proof of identity and proof of residency when visiting the site.

Our operatives will need to see original documentation proving this before they can allow you to access the site.

Electronic proof of address is not accepted as proof of address, we only recognise original hard copies of ID and proof of address as described below.

Documents that provide both proof of ID and proof of address:

  • Photo driving licence
  • Blue badge parking permit

Please note: out of date permits will not be accepted.

The following documentation must be used in conjunction with one another and you will need one type of each.

Proof of identity:

  • Passport
  • Work ID
  • Gym membership with photo
  • Medical card
  • National insurance card
  • Credit/debit card.

Proof of address:

  • Gas, electricity or telephone bill, no more than four months old
  • Water bill, no more than 12 months old
  • Bank/credit card/ building society statement, no more than four months old
  • Current council rent book or council tenancy agreement
  • Council tax bill, less than 12 months old
  • Housing association tenancy agreement or housing association rent book. 

Please note: no other form of address or identity will be accepted.

Additional Information

  • Vehicles with inappropriate loads will be rejected. 
  • All vehicles may be subject to inspection of their load prior to admission to the centre and throughout unloading.
  • Vans that have a combination of unacceptable and acceptable loads, e.g. DIY waste and green waste, will be rejected.
  • Vans are allowed in four times per financial year regardless of place of origin. All vehicles will be monitored and enforcement action taken if the number of visits is abused.
  • Residents who hire a van and drive it themselves will be allowed on to site.
  • No trailers allowed or open backed vehicles are allowed.
  • No commercial vehicles are permitted to use the site, other than authorised contractors, where the centre may be closed for a period for health and safety reasons.
  • 'Man and van' vehicles are not allowed on site, even if hired by a resident. Any waste transported in this matter is classed as trade waste, because it is being dealt with on a hire and reward basis.
  • If a resident hires a man and van they are advised that they will no longer be able to bring that waste into the centre and the waste carrier is responsible, along with the resident, to ensure the waste is disposed of properly.
  • All items should be pre-sorted for ease of convenience for disposal and speed of traffic flow.
Residents are not permitted to park their vehicles outside of the site and walk items in as this may cause congestion outside the site and pose a significant health and safety risk.

For full information please download the document that is at the bottom of this page. 

Hazardous waste collection

The City of London operates a collection service for the safe disposal of asbestos and other hazardous chemicals in the borough of Lewisham. To arrange a collection or get more information, please call 020 7332 3433.

Re-use and recycling centres in neighbouring boroughs

You can use Bexley and Bromley sites and there is usually a fixed charge for every visit by non-residents.

In Bromley users not living within the borough will be charged £3 per visit for household waste. Soil, brick, DIY, rubble and construction waste may be accepted for a fee according to weight. Currently, the minimum charge is £21 and vehicles will need to use the weighbridge for an exact price.

Please check their websites for up-to-date information.

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