Lewisham Council - Transferring to a different school mid-year

​Transferring to a different school mid-year

Parents who wish their child to transfer to another school at any time other than the normal stages (into Reception class or from Year 6 to Year 7) should first discuss the reasons for the move with the headteacher of the current school.

Often problems and difficulties can be resolved without the need to disrupt the child's education.

Applications are welcome from residents as well as those living outside the borough. Applications for a primary or secondary school place must be made on the iCAF (see below), which must be submitted along with a copy of:

  • the current year's council tax bill to verify their home address
  • a current child benefit letter or child tax credit letter to confirm the applicant has parental responsibility. 



Admissions and Appeals Team
Third Floor
Laurence House
1 Catford Road
Se6 4ru
020 8314 8282



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