School admission appeals

I have not been offered any of the schools I applied for and I do not want to accept the school I have been offered.

Unfortunately not every child can be offered a school they have applied for and we have a duty to ensure that every child in the borough has been offered a school place. 

Before you decide whether to accept an offer please visit the school first and speak to the headteacher about the opportunities available to your child. All Lewisham's headteachers will be delighted to show you their school and assure you that your child can excel there. Accepting our offer will not affect any waiting list your child's name is added to or any admissions appeal.

How to appeal

You have the right of appeal against the refusal of a place at any of the schools for which you have applied. If you wish to appeal, you must contact the admission authority in the next few days after you receive an offer.

We are the admission authority for all of the borough's community schools. Search the A-Z of all schools in Lewisham.

If your child has been refused admission to a voluntary aided school, an academy, or a school in another borough you are entitled to appeal against the governors’ decision or against the admission authority within which the school is located.

For further advice please see the school appeals guidance or contact us for advice.


For independent advice, you can contact ACE Education Advice. They have a telephone advice line on 0300 0115 142 Monday–Wednesday 10am–1pm. For further information visit

In 2013–14, 118 appeals were received from primary and secondary schools. 107 of these were about primary schools but only 1 was successful.

Timetable of appeals

​Date Event​
3 March 2014​ Secondary transfer (Sep 2014 entry to Year 7) offers made​
31 March 2014​ Deadline for lodging secondary transfer appeal​
16 April 2014​ Primary intake (Sep 2014 entry to reception class) offers made​
14 May 2014​ Deadline for lodging a primary intake appeal​
June–July 2014​ Appeal hearings for both secondary transfer and primary intake​

Appealing online

If you would like to appeal online, please use the button below. You will need to login to our website and if you do not have an account you will need to register first. The form usually takes about 20 minutes to complete depending on the nature of your appeal.

Printable appeal form 

You can also download an appeal form and email or send it to us at the address below. If you would like a hard copy of the form, please contact us.



Independent Appeals Clerk c/o Olga Cole
Civic Suite, Catford Road
020 8314 8577



Mayor agrees moves to create more primary school places

The Mayor agreed further measures to increase the number of places at primary schools in the borough at a meeting of Mayor and Cabinet on 9 April.

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