Registering a birth

Registering a birth

If your baby was born in the borough, you'll need to register the birth within 42 days from the date of birth. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can give you an appointment. You must decide on your baby's full name prior to the appointment.

If you are unable to go to the registration district where the baby was born, you can go to any other register office in England or Wales to make a declaration.

A declaration means you can go to another Register Office who will take the required information and send it to the correct registration district on your behalf. If you choose to do this, you will not receive the certificate immediately, as they will be posted to you within a few days from the relevant register office.

We are notified of all births within the borough. You can also book an appointment on 020 8690 2128.

If parents are married to each other either parent may register the birth.

If parents are unmarried, the mother must be present. If the father's details are to be included in the registration, he must also be present. If he is unable to be present, please contact us for advice.

You do not need to bring your baby with you to the appointment but you are welcome to do so if you wish. Please ensure you bring with you the Birth Notification Paper from the hospital. If not available please bring the baby's red book.

What documents do I need?

To help ensure that the information recorded is accurate it would be useful if you could bring supporting documentation with you to the appointment. Accurate records reduce the need for corrections in the future and any inconvenience and potential costs that may be incurred.

Supporting documents for parents:

  • passport
  • proof of address (i.e.​ Council Tax Bill, Utility Bill)
  • driving licence
  • birth certificate
  • change of name deed (if applicable)
  • marriage/civil partnership certificate (if applicable).

Birth certificates

After the birth has been registered, we will issue a free short birth certificate showing the name, sex, date and district of birth.

For most purposes (for example, applying for a passport for your child) you will need to buy a full birth certificate, which is a complete copy of the register entry.

Cost of full birth certificates

  • £4 each at the time of registration
  • £7–£10 each after registration depending on time period.

You can buy further short certificates and full certificates when you register, or at any time afterwards.

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