Lewisham Council - Vision for Beckenham Place Park progresses

Vision for Beckenham Place Park progresses

Published on 21 September 2016

Plans to make Beckenham Place Park a place that the whole community can enjoy will take a big leap forward when the golf course, which takes up more than a third of the green space, closes on 31 October.

Last year Lewisham Council won the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund for plans to attract many more visitors to enjoy many more activities at Beckenham Place Park. The golf course closure is an important step towards that aim.

A survey carried out in 2013 to understand how people use Beckenham Place Park concluded that, ‘the park appears to be underused’. The reasons given in the survey included lack of attractions, presence of unusable and derelict features, a large area being out of bounds and the woodland being difficult to navigate.

To ensure the park is well used in the future Lewisham Council is working to address each of these issues.  



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