Lewisham Council - Laurence House improvement works

Laurence House improvement works extended to March 2018

Published on 08 December 2017

The improvement works to make the main entrance of Laurence House more welcoming, modern and accessible are due to finish in March 2018.

During this time the front entrance to Laurence House will be closed.

How to enter Laurence House

You can still access the library, Customer Service Centre and council offices by using the rear entrances to Laurence House.

Go left around the outside of the building to enter the library or access the following services:

  • case conferences
  • planning business centre
  • licencing.

Go right around the outside of the building and through the car park to enter the Customer Service Centre and to access to the following services:

  • Children and Young People’s reception
  • housing enquiries
  • nationality checking service
  • Blue Badge assessment
  • Deaf service
  • forms and evidence
  • no recourse to public funds.

Below is a map of the changes to the entrances:




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