Lewisham Council - Housing conditions in Eros House

Housing conditions in Eros House

Published on 13 November 2018

We’ve listened to the concerns raised by the London Renters’ Union (LRU) and we share their aim of improving the standards of temporary accommodation in Eros House.

We are currently leasing 45 flats in Eros House in Catford as temporary accommodation. The flats, which are managed by District Homes, are helping us meet our commitment to rehouse homeless families in, or close to, the borough and their family support networks.

Since we started to use these flats, we have been made aware of several issues with the properties. We have listened to these concerns and observed some of the problems during joint inspections with the LRU, local councillors and District Homes. We have since been pressing District Homes and the owners of Eros House to take action to fix the issues that have been raised.

Conditions in Eros House


The condition of the communal areas, including damp patches on the walls, has been unacceptable. We welcome the commitment made by the owners of Eros House to address this problem, both by carrying out remedial works and fixing the underlying cause in the roof of the building. We will monitor progress of these works to make sure all repairs are completed satisfactorily.


Everyone deserves to be comfortable and safe in their own home and we have been assured by District Homes that every property offered to the Council to lease for temporary accommodation is fitted with heaters that are both health and safety compliant and suit the size of the accommodation.

District Homes is also:

  • replacing heaters when they break down with more efficient economy 7 heaters or equivalent – this programme will continue until all flats have been refitted
  • giving advice to residents about how they can reduce the risk of condensation
  • installing mechanical ventilation where necessary.


We were concerned to hear about a number of incidents of illegal access to the communal areas. As a result of this, the owners of Eros House are now providing 24-hour security for the building.

Going forward

We have enjoyed a constructive relationship with the LRU, including a number of joint inspections that have led to many repairs, and we hope this continues into the future.

Councillor Paul Bell, Cabinet Member for Housing, said, ‘There are still problems in Eros House. This is not a council building and I’ve said that I want to hear from residents. I’ve offered to do a walk around to cross reference what we are being told by the agent and what the reality is on the ground. The Rushey Green ward councillors have already done a lot of work for residents.

‘The Council is working to help create a Private Renters’ Union, as there is a lot of very poor practice creating misery for private renters. We are committed to doing whatever we can to support tenants and good landlords.’



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