Book a free mattress collection

Book a free mattress collection

You are about to book a free collection a mattress. Before you do, please read this page carefully.

Ready to book?

When you click on the link above you will let us know:

  • the address of where the mattress needs collecting from
  • how many mattresses you need collecting (maximum of two)
  • what size the mattress/es are (single, double or king).

What happens next?

  • At the end of the online form you will be given a date we aim to collect the mattress by.
  • Please put your mattress out near your refuse bin or at the front of the property where it can be seen clearly from the street. If you live in a flat above the ground floor you should bring the mattress down to ground level and leave it near the communal refuse bins.
  • You can book a maximum of two mattresses of any size to be collected.
  • Please avoid leaving the mattress out when it’s raining. A waterlogged mattress may be too heavy to lift and your collection may be delayed.