Flooding and leaks

Flooding and leaks

Find out how to report highway flooding and related emergencies.

Check the list below for who to contact about different flooding and leak issues.

Report flooding

  • Public sewers (not within your) property boundary – Thames Water on 0845 920 0800
  • Burst water main (the water supply up to and including the stopcock in your property) ​– Thames Water on 0845 920 0800
  • Private drains or sewers (within a property boundary) – these are the responsibility of the property owner or landlord: use Trustmark to find trustworthy companies to fix the problem
  • Rivers – Environment Agency on 08708 506506
  • Public roads – use our report a problem with a drain or gulley form

Drains and gulleys

We are responsible for problems with drains and gulleys. The gulley is an opening in the road covered with a grille that discharges surface water. The drain is the channel that runs alongside the road that funnels water towards the gulley.

Heavy rain and rising water

Find out what to do if you are affected by flooding due to heavy rain or rising river water.

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