Lewisham Council - Free cycle lessons

Free cycle lessons

We offer free cycle training to adults, children and young people who live in the borough.

Children's lessons (age 7–13)

Cycle Confident run free cycle lessons for children aged 7–13. There are sessions for children who cannot ride a bike, and other sessions for children who can already cycle.

The sessions take place in an off-road venue in small groups during the school holidays. 

Young teenager lesson (age 13–17)

A one-to-one lesson with a qualified instructor. These lessons are perfect for giving you the knowledge you need to start cycling to school. Trainees must be accompanied by an adult aged over 18. 

To request a lesson email roadsafetyeducation@lewisham.gov.uk.

One-to-one adult cycle training (18 years and over)

Adults can book one free two-hour one-to-one session covering on- and off-road cycling.

This is suited to people who have never ridden a bike and want to learn to ride, or who already ride on roads but are looking to improve confidence and road craft, such as dealing with roundabouts and filtering traffic.

More information

For details of local rides and group rides, contact us (details below) or visit:




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