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Fostering is looking after babies, children and young people who cannot live at home with their own families.
Who can foster?
If you want to become a foster carer, you need to meet our eligibility criteria.
Types of fostering
We will discuss with you the type of fostering that will best suit you and your family. Many of our carers choose one type of fostering over another.
Skills and qualities you will need for fostering
Find out what skills and qualities you need if you are considering fostering.
Support for foster carers
Find out about support groups, training and financial support available to foster carers.
Private fostering
Find out what your responsibilities are if your child is being cared for by another adult, or if you are caring for someone else’s child.
Looking after someone else's child
Our family and friends care policy is made available here to help people understand when and how we might support friends and family to care for children outside of the birth parents.
Services for looked after children placed in the borough by other local authorities
Information about the resources and facilities available for looked after children and care leavers who may be placed in the borough by another local authority.