Lewisham Council - Children and Young People's Plan

Children and Young People's Plan 2015–18

It's everybody's business.

This section sets out Lewisham's fifth Children and Young People's Plan. The plan establishes how partner agencies will continue to work together to improve those outcomes that will make significant improvements to the lives and life-chances of our children and young people.

All agencies across Lewisham who work for our children and young people share a single vision:

Together with families, we will improve the lives and life chances of the children and young people in Lewisham.

The vision is underpinned by three shared values:

  • we will put children and young people first every time
  • we will have the highest aspirations and ambitions for all our children and young people
  • we will make a positive difference to the lives of children and young people.

Read the partnership statement.


The plan gives further emphasis to our commitment to joint commissioning of services to achieve better value for money and ensure our resources are aligned to achiever the greatest impact.

Needs analysis and strategies underpinning this plan

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