Lewisham Council - Lewisham Children and Young Peoples' Partnership statement

The Children and Young People's Strategic Partnership statement

This is Lewisham’s fifth Children and Young People’s Plan (CYPP). It sets out the strategic aims and priorities for all agencies working with children and young people across Lewisham from 2015 to 2018.

The plan strengthens the foundations established by our previous plans for improving outcomes for children and young people in Lewisham and builds on what has been achieved over the lifetime of our 201215 plan.

The plan reaffirms how partner agencies will work together to improve outcomes and make significant improvements to the lives and life-chances of our children and young people. It gives further emphasis to our commitment to joint commissioning of services to achieve better value for money and ensure our resources are aligned to achieve the greatest impact for our children and young people.

Lewisham has a strong history of partnership arrangements and these have led to significant improvements across every outcome area. This plan demonstrates the continued commitment of partners to work together to ensure our services are of the highest quality, continually improving to make more of a difference to our children, young people and their families. It focuses the Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership’s future work on improving a number of key outcomes where our evidence shows we need to continue to improve and, in particular, where partnership action is required to improve the lives and life chances of our children and young people.

The need to work together to make every penny of public money work as hard as it possibly can for children and young people has never been more pressing. The government cuts to funding for public services have impacted greatly on the resources and capacity available across the partnership.  The pressures resulting from reductions in resources are also matched by population growth and rising demand. In practical terms, to meet the needs of our growing population we will need to increase the number of school places during the life of this plan. We will also need to respond strategically to managing the rising demands across a range of areas, including increased numbers of children’s social care referrals and child protection plans and by reducing the number of Accident and Emergency presentations.

Responding to growing demand and reducing budgets only increases the importance of collaboration. This means that across the partnership we will continue to seek out innovative ways of working together and ensuring that we are better at targeting support for the children, young people and families who need it most and working even more closely to look at how resources are used across the partnership to deliver more specialist support services. It also means ensuring that children, young people and their families receive the intervention they need early, to prevent their needs escalating and needing these specialist services.

This plan shares a number of themes in common with previous partnership plans. One particular area of development is the increased focus in this plan on building resilience and independence amongst children, young people and their families. The impact of the economic downturn has affected both public institutions and our residents. In order for our children and young people to thrive in this new climate they will need the tools to cope with change and respond proactively to adverse situations. It is the role of the partnership to equip families and children with the skills they need to do this.​​

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