How the Lewisham Children and Young People's Strategic Partnership is run

How the Lewisham Children and Young People's Strategic Partnership is run

Lewisham has a strong history of partnership working and well embedded Children's Partnership arrangements. All partners have agreed to work against our three stage model: universal, targeted and specialist within a single framework in which services will deliver the vision for our children and young people.   


All Lewisham children and young people must benefit from excellent universal services. Within those services we continue to embed high quality targeted services for those children and young people who may have a problem, so that support can be provided quickly to ensure that problems do not escalate and eventually require specialist services.

Our approach to early intervention – including through our Children’s Centres and family support services – ensures that children, young people and their families needing targeted services are identified effectively and early and receive the co-ordinated support they need across all relevant agencies, and that we are therefore improving outcomes by making the best use of our resources.

Our partnership culture

Our culture is underpinned by the following across all partners:
  • We work as a team around Lewisham’s children and we take individual responsibility for delivering the outcomes in this plan
  • We work with whole families because strong and stable families are the foundation for achieving the outcomes we want for children and young people
  • We identify and target children at risk of poor outcomes and intervene early to make a difference
  • We involve and listen to children, young people and their families and work hard to ensure that our services are accessible to all our communities
  • We use our funding collaboratively to make every penny work as hard as it possibly can for children and young people in Lewisham.

Our way of working

As before, we will continue to demonstrate across the partnership that we will:

Be outcome focused

We must be able to demonstrate that we are making a difference to outcomes for children. When services are designed and commissioned there is a clear understanding of what success will look like.  That success is always in terms of improved outcomes for children and young people and their families. 


There is a real effort made across all partners to ensure that services are seamless and that our children and young people receive tailored, evidence-based support to meet their needs regardless of which agency they have engaged with.

The Common Assessment Framework is integral to ensuring children and young people are assessed correctly and that the right services are put into place through one contact or ‘lead professional’ instead of families trying to manage different agencies. 

The Team Around a Child approach is an important mechanism to ensure that all front line services work together to support the family.

Be evidence based

The work of the partnership is supported by a strong evidence base which is shared across all agencies.  Each of the outcomes and actions outlined in this Plan are underpinned by detailed analysis of need, and the partnership works within a well established performance management framework which closely monitors activity, especially those  outcomes where progress is not on track to meet targets. 

This enables the partnership to reviews its targets and where necessary take corrective action to improve outcomes. We will stop if something is not working.

Be efficient

The partnership’s commitment to the delivery of  improved outcomes includes a commitment to use all our resources efficiently and effectively, providing value for money.  We are committed to using funding collaboratively to make every penny work as hard as it possibly can for children and young people in Lewisham.

Be inclusive

The partnership is committed to ensuring that every single one of Lewisham’s children and young people is able to access those services that will improve their life chances and choices. 

Lewisham offers sustained support to those children who are vulnerable, particularly our Looked After Children, children and young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, young carers and those in the youth justice system. 

Equally, our attitude is always on closing the gaps where there are inequalities and we will work proactively with communities to target poor outcome areas.


The views of children and young people and their parent/ carers are vital to improved well-being.  It is only by listening that services can understand how to meet the needs of the people we serve. 

Be innovative

Lewisham’s Children and Young People’s Partnership has a good track record of developing innovative solutions to address complex and entrenched issues. 

Our young people have an annual budget to commission services though our Young Mayor Scheme as well as being actively involved in shaping commissioning priorities and the delivery of the actions set within this Plan.