Lewisham Council - Choosing a child minder

Choosing a childminder

Childminders offer a flexible and secure childcare service from their own home.

It is best to select a provider that has been graded Good (Grade 2) or Outstanding (Grade 1). Research has shown that nurseries and childminders that provide a high quality of care and education have a more positive impact on children’s learning and development.

Meeting your needs

Try to find a local registered childminder who can meet your needs. For example, you might want a childminder who:

  • can provide vegetarian meals
  • will collect from a particular school
  • has experience of caring for children with special needs.

Paying for childminding services

Financial arrangements are a private matter to be agreed between parent and child minder.

However, we strongly advise that parents sign a contract with their childminder. We provide childminders with a standard contract for this purpose.

Guide to choosing a childminder

This is a guide to choosing the best childminder for you and your child.


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