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Residential development standards SPD

The LDF Residential Development Standards Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was adopted by the Council on 1 August 2006 and partially updated in 2012. It provides detailed guidance on:

  • standards for new residential development
  • standards for conversions of existing houses into flats
  • residential extensions
  • roof extensions.

A copy of the SPD can be viewed and downloaded below.

With the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework and the adoption of the London Plan, Lewisham’s Core Strategy and the emerging Development Management Local Plan, there have been numerous planning policy changes at the national, sub-regional and local level since the Residential Standards SPD was adopted by the Council in 2006, and updated in 2012. Parts of the SPD are no longer relevant and there is now a need to fully revise the SPD so that it reflects and aligns with these changes. It is envisaged that the new SPD will be publicly consulted on in late 2013 and adopted in Spring 2014.

The Council has now started to prepare a new version of the SPD. One of the first stages is to carry out a screening assessment to determine whether a full Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) will be necessary as part of the plan preparation process. The Council has determined that a full SEA will not be required and has asked the three statutory consultation bodies (English Heritage, Natural England and the Environment Agency) whether they agree with a draft screening statement that has been prepared by the Council. A copy of the draft screening statement can be viewed and downloaded below. 

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