Licensing fees for houses in multiple occupation (HMOs)

Licensing fees for houses in multiple occupation (HMOs)

Find out about the licensing fees for HMOs for both the mandatory and additional licensing schemes.

Cheaper fees are available for charities and for landlords who are accredited through the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LLAS) or are members of a recognised landlord association.

Fees for additional scheme

​Fee per lettable unit/household* ​ Early bird discount ​(available until 31 March 2017)
First application Subsequent applications​ ​First application Subsequent applications ​
​Accredited landlord​s ​£400 ​£320 ​£360 ​£288
​Unaccredited landlords ​£500 ​£400 ​£450 ​£360
​Charities ​£250 ​£200 ​£225 ​£180

 Fees for mandatory scheme

​​Fee per lettable unit/household* ​ ​
First application Subsequent applications​
​Accredited landlord​s ​£400 ​£320
​Unaccredited landlords ​£500 ​£400
​​Charities ​£250 ​£200

Other charges

Visit by us to inspect and/or draw floor plans that meet HMO licensing standards £220​
Registering a change of licence holder ​£275
Registering a change to the occupancy level ​£275

 *A lettable unit/household consists of family members or a cohabiting couple. A group of four friends counts as four separate lettable units/households.