Beetles and ladybirds

Beetles and ladybirds

You are about to book a treatment to control beetles. Before you do, please read this page.

What to do before we visit

You must prepare your property before the treatment:

  • Make sure we can get to all the areas where there are beetles. Some beetles are found throughout a property so all floor areas need to be clear. Move all furniture from the edges of the room so we can get to the walls.
  • Vacuum all carpets and rugs and clean all carpet-free floor areas especially where beetles might be hiding. Empty the vacuum cleaner straight into the dustbin or change the bag after cleaning.
  • Other beetles are sometimes found in places like kitchen cupboards. Empty these so we can inspect them. 
  • If you can identify the type of beetle, it will help us find out how it entered your property. Try to find a sample to show us when we visit.
  • Some beetles are in food. Removing the source of the problem will help preventing them spreading.
  • People and pets must leave the rooms while we treat them and not return until the insecticide is dry. Cover fish tanks and all electrical appliances.

If you do not make these preparations we will not carry out the treatment and you will lose your fee.

Cost of pest control treatment for beetles is £98 for a single treatment. Concessions is £49.

To qualify for the concessionary rate we will need to check your benefit status or your date of birth and address.

Payment is non-refundable.



We do not provide a service for dealing with Harlequin Ladybirds. Read the information sheet below for more information.