Lewisham Council - Bonfires and smoky chimneys

Bonfires and smoky chimneys

This borough is a smoke control area, so it is an offence to produce smoke from a chimney, furnace or boiler. It is also an offence to emit dark smoke from a bonfire on any trade or commercial site.

Domestic open fires

If you have an open fire, furnace or boiler you must use smokeless fuels such as firelogs or briquettes or use an exempt appliance.


Although domestic bonfires are not illegal, they can be a source of considerable annoyance and are an unpleasant and potentially dangerous source of pollution.

Bonfires can produce smoke at low level, especially if furniture or other man-made articles are being burnt.

Alternatives to bonfires

We strongly urge all residents not to dispose of waste by burning but instead take some or all of the following steps:

Trade and commercial premises

It is illegal to burn materials likely to cause dark smoke. This includes items such as plastics, rubber and soft furnishings.

Reporting a dark smoke fire

To report a dark smoke fire please contact us on the details below. 



Crime Enforcement and Regulation Service
9 Holbeach Road
Se6 4tw
020 8314 7237


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