Transfer to primary school: information for parents who have received an offer

Transfer to primary school: information for parents who have received an offer

What to do when you get an offer of a primary school place, how to appeal and the answers to some frequently asked questions.

National offer day: 16 April 2018

When you will get your offer

  • If you applied online you will get the result of your application by email during the evening of Monday 16 April 2018. 
  • If you applied on the paper application form we will post your results on 16 April 2018 by first class post, which may take a day or more to arrive. 

In 2018, 97.7% of children in Lewisham were offered a place at one of the primary schools they applied for.

Contacting us

The School Admissions and Appeals Team will receive a high volume of calls and emails in the days following 16 April 2018 and we appreciate your patience when contacting us during this busy period.

From 17–20 April 2018 we will prioritise calls and emails from parents of children who could not be offered any of their preference schools. If your child was not offered one of the schools you applied for and you have been unable to contact us by telephone please email and include 'Reception 2018 allocated place' in the subject line.

If your child has not been offered a preference school

Unfortunately not every child can be offered a place at a school they have applied for. In these cases we have a duty to ensure that every resident child has been offered a school place. Therefore if your child has not been offered a place at a school you applied for, you have been offered the closest school to your home address where a place is available. The headteacher of that school will write to welcome you and offer to meet with you and your child and show you their school before you decide whether to accept the offer.

Lewisham's primary schools offer modern and state of the art learning facilities and the headteacher will assure you that your child can aspire and progress there.

You will be invited to meet with an admissions officer to discuss the options now available to your child. Details will be confirmed in the letter we've sent to you.

If, after visiting the school offered, you do not wish to accept the place, please contact us on 020 8314 8282 between 9am–12 noon, Monday to Friday, or email to discuss the options available to you as well as any other schools which can be offered as an alternative. Please include 'Reception 2018 allocated place' in the subject line.

Accepting our alternative offer will ensure your child has a primary school place and does not affect any waiting list your child's name is added to or an admissions appeal. Your child's name will automatically be placed on the waiting list for all of the schools you originally applied for. Waiting lists can move between 16 April 2018 and the start of the school term in September 2018 so there is still a possibility that your child may be offered a place at one of your preferred schools.

Waiting lists for Lewisham community schools will not be available until after 21 May 2018. Please do not call us before this date.

If your child has been offered a preference school  

I want to accept the place I have been offered

If you applied online you should go to to accept the place you have been offered by Monday 30 April 2018. 

You will need to log into your eAdmissions account using your user name and password.

If you applied on a paper form, please complete your acceptance form and post to us at:

        Admissions and Appeals Team, Third Floor
        Laurence House
        1 Catford Road
        SE6 4RU.

All acceptances must be registered with the Admissions and Appeals Team no later than 30 April 2018.

I have been offered a school I applied for but want to be considered for a higher preference school 

We advise that you initially accept the school place you have been offered. Your child's name will automatically be placed on the waiting list for all schools in Lewisham which were a higher preference than the school offered. 

Waiting lists will move between 16 April and the start of the school term in September 2018 so there is still the opportunity that your child may be offered a higher preference school. 

If you are happy with the school your child has been offered and wish for your child's name to be removed from the waiting list for any higher preference school(s) please email and include 'Reception 2018 remove from waiting list' in the subject line.

I have been offered a school place but prefer a place at a school I named as a lower preference

The objective of the coordinated admissions scheme is to offer a place at the highest preference school the child qualified for a place at, therefore all lower preferences have been 'settled'. We will not reinstate a lower preference school. If you wish to apply for a lower preference school, you can do so in September 2018 by completing an in-year application form. If you wish to withdraw your child's application and reapply for a school place in September, please email and include 'Reception 2018 lower preference required' in the subject line. 

How do I appeal for a school place?  

You have the right of appeal against the refusal of a place at any of the schools you have applied for and have not been offered. If you wish to appeal, you must contact the admissions authority for the school within the next few days for details of appeal arrangements. Details will also be posted to you advising how and when to appeal. See information on the appeals process.

If you wish to lodge an appeal, you must do so by Friday 11 May 2018.
  • For further advice on the appeals process for community schools in Lewisham, please contact Olga Cole, Independent Appeals Clerk on 020 8314 8577 or email
  • If you wish to appeal for academies, foundation or voluntary aided schools, or schools in other boroughs, please contact the school directly for information.
  • Appeals lodged after Friday 11 May will not be heard until September 2018.

Further advice

Further information is published in the applying to start primary school pages on this website.

For independent advice, you can contact ACE Education Advice