Lewisham Council - Guidance on providing supporting evidence when applying for primary schools

Guidance on providing supporting evidence when applying for primary schools

These details explain what supporting evidence is required when making your application for primary school places in September 2018. The information only relates to residents in the borough of Lewisham.

About your child

When you start your application, you will need to provide your child’s full name, date of birth and gender.

Parental responsibility

The person completing the application must be the child’s parent (including adoptive parents) or the person with legal parental responsibility. We cannot accept applications from a grandparent or other family member unless they have legal parental responsibility.

If you have parental responsibility and are therefore eligible to make the application for your child, you must provide evidence of this. You should scan and upload the most recent copy of one of the below, confirming you and your child’s name:

  • child benefit
  • child tax credit
  • child tax fund letter.

If you are unable to provide one of these documents, please contact us for advice.

If you are applying for a school place but are not the child’s parent, please enclose a letter explaining what your relationship to the child is and why you are applying instead of the parent. You must also provide a legal document to prove you have parental responsibility.

Evidence of permanent home address

The address you give must be the child’s permanent home address and evidence of one of the following must be provided with the application:

  • a 2017/18 council tax statement
  • tenancy agreement or solicitor’s letter confirming house purchase.

If these are not available, please contact us for advice.

If a false address has been given and an offer made on the basis of fraudulent information, the offer of a place will be withdrawn. We are aware some parents rent a property close to a popular school or apply from a relative’s address to increase the likelihood of their child gaining admission.

Moving home

To confirm an applicant’s permanent rather than temporary home address, one of the following will be required:

  • closing accounts for the previous property
  • official confirmation of the end of tenancy or house sale for the previous property
  • tenancy agreement via a commercial letting agency for a period of 12 months or more (the period of the tenancy must extend beyond the start of the academic year in which the child is due to be admitted) or a solicitor’s confirmation of the completion of the purchase of the new property.

Until the tenancy or ownership of the original property has been surrendered, we will not normally accept the new address as the permanent home address.

We may also check records held within the Council as well as other external agencies when confirming a child’s permanent home address.

If parents who are not living together equally share the care of their child, we will normally accept that the child lives with the parent who has parental responsibility and who receives child benefit and/or child tax credit. Please provide evidence of this as it may affect your child’s application.

Applications for children in public care, or for a medical or social need

If the child is in public care, or you are applying on medical or social grounds, please make this clear and provide the necessary professional supporting documents so that your application can be correctly considered.

Children in public care

In the case of a looked after child, this will be a letter from an allocated social worker or foster carer.

Medical or social need

In exceptional circumstances there is discretion to admit a child on the grounds of their or their family’s severe medical or social need for a particular school and who would not otherwise qualify for admission.

The application must be supported by a letter from one of the people below, setting out the reasons why the school is the only one to meet the child’s needs:

  • a hospital consultant
  • social worker
  • similar professional.

The admission decision will be considered in consultation with a panel of teaching and medical professionals. Medical professionals provide advice on applications made under medical conditions and teaching professionals advise on applications made for social or special reasons. Supporting evidence must be provided before the closing date for applications. 


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