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Parents have a legal responsibility to ensure that their child is attending school regularly. We work closely with families, schools and other agencies to improve school attendance.

Failure to attend school regularly could result in us taking legal action. Magistrates can also impose a Parenting Order, requiring parents or carers to attend counselling or guidance sessions for a period of up to three months.

We might also apply for an Education Supervision Order, granting ud the responsibility to advise, support and provide directions to the child and parents or carers about education.

Truancy patrols 

We organise truancy patrols in partnership with the Metropolitan Police and these take place during the autumn and spring terms. 

The parents of any pupils found out of school without a justifiable reason, including those escorted by their parent/s, will be written to and issued with a warning that if attendance is below 90% over the subsequent 3 week period, they may be fined. Schools are informed and contacted at the end of the 3 week period. 

If attendance is below 90% throughout that period, a final warning is issued by the council and attendance is monitored for a further 3 week period. Again, the school will be contacted for an update and if attendance is below 90% throughout that final period, a Fixed Penalty Notice will be issued by the council.

In cases where the parents fail to pay within the specified period, the council will prepare the witness statement immediately after the 42nd day and the case will proceed to court for the non attendance rather than the failure to pay.


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