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English for Speakers of Other Languages - Level 1 Reading (ESOL05)

On this course you will learn to read at speed about the news and you will take the level 1 reading exam. On this course you will understand the format and the requirements of the Reading exam; you will learn to recognise and understand the vocabulary associated with different types of texts, using appropriate strategies to work out meaning. You will give opinions and indicate degrees of feelings. This course is for adults who can communicate, read and write well at entry 3 level, want to improve their reading skills at level 1. By completing this course you will become proficient in reading for everyday life and in your work place. The reading exam will start on the week commencing 03/12/18.
Various main centres
Week commencing 17 September 2018

Week ending 03 December 2018

Number of weeks

Day of the week:
Various days including evenings

£225.00 (full), £0.00 (reduced), £0.00 (concession)
What prior knowledge, experience and qualifications will I need?
To be able to communicate, read and write well at entry 3.There will be a pre-course assessment.
Learning Goals:
To understand and distinguish the different purposes of texts and identify the key organisational features. To identify the main points of texts. To read and identify specific information in straightforward texts. To be able to locate information in a text and answer questions.
What teaching methods will the tutor use?
Learners will work all together, in small groups or individually. The teaching methods will include: tutor presentations, listening to audio materials and watching videos, speaking practice in groups, word-drilling, role-play, individual pronunciation practice, reading and comprehension exercises, language games, puzzles, group written work, individual worksheets, free writing and tutorials.
What assessment methods will the tutor use?
Initial assessment and interview, diagnostic assessment on joining course and tutorial to negotiate learning objectives, marking of class work and homework, observation notes and formative assessment. Learners will take the ESOL ESB level 1 reading accreditation. There will be a final tutorial and progression interview at end of course. At the end of the course, learners will take an exam externally assessed by the OFQUAL recognised ESB awarding body.
Will extra work be required outside the class times?
You must take every opportunity to develop your language skills in everyday contexts. At least an hour independent study is required after each session. You will need to keep an organised course folder. You should listen to the radio and watch English language television. You are expected to use the library and read a range of texts every week. You will also be expected to use the internet to find information related to the course work and to write emails for exam practice. You will be expected to to access ALL Moodle (Virtual Learning Environment) for support outside class time (we offer free support courses, access to WiFi and computers in our cafe' areas for this purpose).
What materials will I need for the course and how much will they cost?
What do I need to bring to the first class?
An A4 ring-binder and paper, pencil, pen, rubber, ruler. Bi-lingual dictionary. Mono-lingual Dictionary. Thesaurus. Grammar Book: English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy, Cambridge UP. In the ESOL classes, adult learners work together and we promote British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.
Options when finished
Level 1 speaking and listening.
Additional information
To enrol on this course, you must first book an appointment for a pre-course assessment. You will have an assessment of your language skills and an interview with one of our specialist ESOL tutors to help identify the most suitable course for you. Please allow up to 2 hours for this appointment. Please bring any ESOL certificates you have and bring proof of ID with you. We will check your eligibility and answer any further questions you may have. All enrolled learners will be expected to take an exam at the end of the course and attend regularly.

For general enquiries and course availability information call 0208 314 3300. For more detailed information and guidance about the course:


Stefania Quaresima – Curriculum Leader