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Maths - introduction to GCSE Foundation (MATHS05)

Did you miss out on gaining GCSE (or 'O' level) maths at school? This introductory course can help you to improve your skills, increase your confidence and identify suitability to enrol on the full GCSE Maths Foundation course. You will cover elements of the Edexcel Foundation Level GCSE (9-1) syllabus including topics such as: calculating with whole and decimal numbers; multiples, factors and prime numbers; algebra – using letters to represent numbers; properties of 2D shapes and angles.
Brockley Rise Centre
Brockley Rise
Crofton Park
Se23 1pr
17 September 2018

15 October 2018

Number of weeks

Day of the week:
Various days including evenings

To enrol call 020 8314 6959 Monday to Thursday 10am–4pm. More ways to enrol
What prior knowledge, experience and qualifications will I need?
You will need to have a good grounding in maths and good reading and comprehension skills. If it emerges that GCSE maths is not suitable for you we can refer you to an adult functional skills course to enable you to build your skills. There will be a pre-course assessment.
Learning Goals:
Identify factors of numbers up to 100, know how to identify prime numbers. Carry out calculations with numbers of any size using efficient method. Identify skills required to succeed in GCSE Maths Foundation course. Develop independent study skills - explore and use a range of ICT and text-based resources, e.g. ALL Moodle, MathsWatch.
What teaching methods will the tutor use?
The tutor will use a range of whole group, small group and individual activities, tasks and exercises to suit a range of learning styles. You will be expected to engage with ICT and text-based learning exercises, both within and beyond the classroom.
What assessment methods will the tutor use?
The tutor will use a range of assessment methods including: diagnostic tests, regular practice and review exercises and homework. You will take a sample of an Edexcel Foundation Level GCSE exam at the end of the course.
Will extra work be required outside the class times?
In order to make good progress, self-study outside of the classroom is essential. Homework will be set on a regular basis. Learners will be expected to access ALL VLE for study outside class time (free WiFi and computer access is available at each ALL site).
What materials will I need for the course and how much will they cost?
You will need to bring a pen, pencil, ruler, writing pad, basic geometry set, A4 ring binder, dividers and a scientific calculator (preferred model Casio FX-85+ which costs approx £10) to each lesson. You will be required to buy a text book to support your studies - your tutor will advise of title (likely cost around £20). You will be required to use internet resources to support your studies (there is free WiFi and computer access in our café areas for this purpose).
What do I need to bring to the first class?
Writing materials; pen, pencil, paper and ruler; scientific calculator.
Options when finished
You will take an assessment at the end of this short course to judge your suitability to move into the full GCSE Foundation course. The tutor will use information on attendance, punctuality and homework completion to inform progression decisions. Poor attendance and punctuality or non-completion of homework will affect your progression to the full GCSE. ALL offers internal opportunities to join preparation for employment courses - ask at reception about Job Club.
Additional information
To enrol on this course, you must first book an appointment for a pre-course assessment. You will have an assessment of your maths skills and an interview with one of our specialist Maths tutors to help identify the most suitable course for you. Please allow up to 2.5 hours for this appointment. Please bring any Maths certificates you have and bring proof of ID with you. We will check your eligibility and answer any further questions you may have. On course, you are expected to attend all sessions and will need to participate fully.

For general enquiries and course availability information call 0208 314 3300. For more detailed information and guidance about the course:


Sue East – Curriculum Leader
Tel: 020 8314 8797