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English – Entry Level 2 Introduction to Functional Skills (ENG03)

This course is an introduction to reading, writing, speaking and listening at entry level 2 of the adult literacy core curriculum.
Grove Park Adult Education Centre
333 335 Baring Road
Se12 0dz
17 September 2018

10 December 2018

Number of weeks

Day of the week:
Various days including evenings

To enrol call 020 8314 6959 Monday to Thursday 10am–4pm. More ways to enrol
What prior knowledge, experience and qualifications will I need?
You will need to have reading and writing skills assessed at entry level 1.There will be a pre-course assessment.
Learning Goals:
Speaking, listening and communication: take part in discussion on familiar topics. Read and understand short, simple texts. Write short texts. Agree a personal literacy goal with your tutor.
What teaching methods will the tutor use?
The tutor will demonstrate and explain skills and you will have the opportunity to practise in class.
What assessment methods will the tutor use?
Your skills will be assessed at the start and the end of the course to evidence your progress.
Will extra work be required outside the class times?
Completing homework will enable you to make good progress.
What materials will I need for the course and how much will they cost?
Pens, lined paper, ring binder – all widely available at affordable prices.
What do I need to bring to the first class?
Pen, paper and ring binder.
Options when finished
You can follow this course with an English - Functional Skills qualification at entry level 2.
Additional information
To enrol on this course, you must first book an appointment for a pre-course assessment. You will have an assessment of your English skills and an interview with one of our specialist English tutors to help identify the most suitable course for you. Please allow up to 2 hours for this appointment. Please bring any English certificates you have and bring proof of ID with you. We will check your eligibility and answer any further questions you may have.

For general enquiries and course availability information call 0208 314 3300. For more detailed information and guidance about the course:


Adult Learning Lewisham (ALL) – Curriculum Leader
Tel: 020 8314 3300