Lewisham Council - Council tax – do it online

Council tax – do it online

Below are all the forms you need to manage your council tax account and inform us of any changes in your circumstances.

My Lewisham account

Create an account to view and manage your council tax account. Some forms are only available if you have an account.

Apply for a refund: notify us that you have overpaid and require a refund.

Carer and careworker discount: apply for a discount. Check you qualify for carer and careworker discount

Disabled relief: if your property has been adapted you may qualify for disabled relief. Check you qualify for disabled relief. ​

Empty property reduction: for properties that have been unoccupied and substantially unfurnished for up to four weeks.

Executor's information: notify us when someone has died.

Landlord/letting agents change of occupancy form: change of occupant in a property which you own/manage.

Missing payment: report a missing payment for council tax. It is important that you are able to provide proof of payment using the evidence form.

Moving within the borough: tell us if you are moving house but remaining in the borough.

Payment arrangement form: complete the form if you have not received a summons. ​​

Persons in detention discount application: you can claim if a household member is in detention by order of a court. If the person has been detained for non-payment of council tax, you cannot claim a discount/exemption.

Residents of hospital and homes discount: for use on behalf of permanent residents of hospital / homes.

Severely mentally impaired discount application​: for use if there is a person with a severe mental impairment living in the property. A doctor will need to provide information using the evidence form.

Single person discount: in certain circumstances a person may be disregarded for council tax purposes. Use this form if you are the only person left in your property after everyone else is disregarded. Check you qualify for single person discount

Student discount: use this form if one or more full time students are living in the property. Check you qualify for student discount

Summons arrangement: if the balance owed is not paid in full additional costs for the Liability Order of £50 will be added to your account balance.

Summons / bailiff enquiry: use this form if you have received a summons or bailiff letter.

Training and apprentices discount application​: use this form if you have an apprentice or trainee living with you. Check you qualify for training and apprentice discount.

Evidence form: use this form if you have already submitted a form or been asked to provide evidence by us.

Comments, suggestions and enquiries: this form can be used for comments, suggestions and enquiries that aren't addressed by other online forms.​



Council tax refund scam alert

Residents urged to watch out for council tax refund scam.

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