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Street trading licences

Information on street trading licences, including markets and forecourt trading.


Markets in the borough include those in Lewisham High Street, Catford Broadway, Deptford High Street, Douglas Way, Giffin Square and Sydenham (Venner/Queensthorpe Square).

Initially, the only way to get a pitch is by casual trading. This means temporarily using a pitch when the permanent licence holder is not there.

You can only apply for a permanent licence after an initial period of casual trading.

What you need

  • your own stall
  • public liability insurance
  • a casual trading licence.

How to apply

To apply for a market stall (including for one-off or periodic markets) please read the current charges and then download and submit the application form.

Occasional sales or events

You need a licence if you wish to hold:
  • a temporary market
  • a car boot sale
  • a street event.

You should give at least 42 days’ notice, and include a risk assessment with your application.

What you need

When you apply for a licence, we will send your details to:

  • our legal practice
  • local councillors
  • the police
  • trading standards
  • the highways authority for major roads.

When we receive your application, we will respond within ten days.

If you have any further questions about local markets or occasional sales please call us.

Street trading

If you are thinking of organising a street trading or market event then please read our guide below first.​


Forecourt trading

You need a forecourt trading licence if you want to:

  • display goods on the public highway
  • display goods that are not sold in your shop but are within seven meters of the public highway
  • put tables or chairs on the public highway
  • put tables and chairs within seven metres of the public highway if you are not a restaurant or cafe.

Please note that our standard licence conditions do not permit the selling or displaying of different goods on forecourts and therefore you cannot apply for a licence to do so.


  • maximum height of displays: 1.05 metres (3ft 6in)
  • a 2.1 metre (7ft) clear pedestrian footway must be maintained
  • selling or displaying different merchandise is not permitted.

What it costs

  • application fee: £30 (payable with first invoice).
  • licence fee: £5.50 per square metre per week.

To enquire about a forecourt licence please call us on 020 8314 2082.​


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