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Young mayor candidates 2017

Read the manifestos of candidates who ran to be Lewisham's young mayor last year.

List of candidates​ ​

Adebimpe Aladejana

If I was elected as the young mayor of Lewisham, I would ensure that young people get the opportunities that they deserve. As a young person I have always wanted to expand my horizons without waiting for college or even university. I find that as a young person you have bright and exciting ideas without the resources to express them, so as young mayor of Lewisham I would be dedicated to creating enterprise and promoting businesses run by young people in Lewisham.

I would also like to make an effort to promote the arts, not only music and dance but film making and drama. I would like to be involved with the arts because I see a lot of talent in Lewisham that I would like to see grow.

Lastly I would want to bring awareness to the history of Lewisham, because we all come from wonderful and exotic places, yet we do nothing to celebrate our culture.

Malieka Dyer

What the young people of Lewisham borough need is to be given life skills, foreign experience, lifelong positive memories and constructive things to do that they can use for the rest of their lives – not only when they’re older, but now as positive young people who put back into their community.

For example, people who commit crime are usually under privileged, however people who often go on holiday are more occupied with things to do and are less likely to be involved or influenced by violence or criminality.

So, why should I be young mayor of Lewisham? Well, I want every young person to have an opportunity in life to experience the wonders of the world, help the less fortunate and come back as young men and women who are role models in society, so they have a brighter outlook for their future.

Vote Malieka Dyer! Out of many, they are one!. 

Edafese Erhenede

I am Edafese Erhenede. I am standing because I know I can create a new environment, in which we feel safe, grow and make money. To finally prove to everyone that we’re all hungry for success.

Firstly, I’ll set up first aid workshops within schools to teach us how to deal with situations that unfortunately can occur. Do you know what to do if there is an acid attack or stabbing? Exactly, neither did I. This will make us more knowledgeable and confident.

Furthermore, I will improve the way we learn about sexual health. STIs are a rapidly growing issue in Lewisham among young people. I want to educate young people about relationships and where they can safely test themselves.

Next, I shall be contacting local businesses so young people can easily find work and experience so we’ll be able to make money while removing the stigma around us.

Thirdly, we will encourage more street art and creativity. We are a talented generation, we need to start expressing our individual gifts.

Lastly, I want to know what you guys want. Your suggestions will make effective changes. I urge you to take the first step to transform Lewisham and vote for Edafese Erhenede. Together through communication and education, we will make Lewisham into a civilisation. Thank you.

Rowchell Green

However I postponed my dream during my exams. After completing my exams I began to research the expectations and the role of a young mayor. When I discovered that the young mayor is required to make a plan that enforced positive change, I began to think of what actions I could take.

After visiting an adventure youth club, I discovered the importance of having a safe environment other than school, where youth could excel and socially flourish. This is opposed to the nature of the streets, where our safety cannot be ensured. Furthermore, if I was young mayor of Lewisham, I would dedicate my time towards advising children in secondary education through interactive lectures.

The young children of today receive pressure from their teachers, parents and peers about meeting and exceeding the educational standards. I on the other hand believe that it is essential for children to be aware that the educational standards are not the deciding factor on whether they become a success or not.

I believe that the young mayor campaign is an amazing opportunity to make a positive difference.

Laurelle Henry

One of my ideas would be for Lewisham to open up more consistent youth centres for young people to go to after school. Having a youth centre would give young people things to do and a safe space to meet up. It would allow children with hidden talents in music, dance, in fact any arts, to feel comfortable in their own area and express themselves. A youth centre would also help to decrease the crime rates in Lewisham and keep our young people safe and occupied.

I would also like to introduce first aid training in schools so that if anything happened while you were out with your friends, you would be able to help until the emergency services arrived. Thank you for listening to me, and let’s improve Lewisham together.

Waasif Husaini

Lewisham hasn’t had a great image over the years, which I hope we will eventually change. I would like to make people feel even prouder to live here. Another issue that we should get involved with is the welcoming of refugees in Lewisham. I would like to either work with organisations that help refugees or organise trips to the schools to help the children settle in.

Another crucial thing that I should and will do is listen to the Council and the youth. I think people should pursue their dreams and aim to constantly develop, so I will introduce careers guidance across the borough and more free extra-curricular opportunities. Also halal meat should be in every school. So please vote for me on October 11 and we can develop Lewisham together.

Ruona Lisa Ikie

I want to invest into libraries and studying spaces. This will engage students in outside studies and improve their chances of achieving above standard. This will show young people in Lewisham the benefits of their education.

Vote Ruona, vote hope!

Abdul-Rehman Javed

I am not going to be like a typical candidate and offer things that when elected I cannot carry out. Instead you should vote for me, Abdul-Rahman as young mayor because I am different. You’re probably wondering how though. Well my policy is simple and straightforward, the interaction of Lewisham youth. Imagine facilities which band schools of Lewisham together, for example, football matches, gang violence workshops or dance clubs. Not only will this be educational and fun but this will give the youngsters the experience to learn from each other.

With GCSEs getting harder each year and policies like Brexit calling into question the future of us youngsters, adding an experience like that will be enormously helpful. This one simple policy covers everything. This policy doesn’t need any of the £30k budget from the young mayor’s team, which means we can use £30k budget on more events, more efficient events and facilities. So please guys vote for me, Abdul-Rahman, on 11 October for a difference.

Paulo Junior

You should also vote for me because I want Lewisham to become a better place for you, your friends and your family. By voting for me as young mayor of Lewisham, you’ll be voting for a safer Lewisham, a diverse Lewisham and a happier Lewisham.

Vote for me and you’ll be voting for a more desirable Lewisham.

Rianne Kirton-Reid

My first aspect to improve Lewisham is by providing a better, more positive youth society by opening more studios for young artists and beauty and fashion facilities etc. to widen the youths of today’s future and securing it.

My second aspect is to have better support for young people that have made mistakes in their school life, leading them to not attend a mainstream school and as a result, now attend a centre, by having mentors that have had similar teenage school life issues and can help them follow their dreams and continue to succeed in life.

My last and final aspect in improving Lewisham is to have more offers about taster sessions for diverse jobs to help year 11s know what industry they’d like to enter with decent experience.

Access to these opportunities lies in your hands. So on the 11 of October, please vote for me.

Ruth-Simone Lee

The first thing I would like to do is get teens involved in activities they love while keeping them productive, for example career days, youth talent evenings and all-around school competitions.

As the future young mayor, I would like to receive constructive feedback and new ideas from voters through regular meetings and social media. The last thing I would like to do is ensure that existing school resources are shared across the borough in a resource-exchange scheme that maximises what already exists.

Khuwayne Linton

I would like to create more sports tournaments, giving more players and athletes opportunities to compete against fellow schools. Also, to have more music showcases to display the talents of young people. And finally, have more career opportunities like work experience, interviews and looking for your pathway after education. These things I believe the youth of Lewisham can participate and get involved in. I want to become the young mayor to give back to the borough.

I am the most experienced candidate, this year running for the third time, so my confidence and perseverance is bigger than ever.

Vote for Khuwayne Linton as your next young mayor of Lewisham on 11 October, because Lewisham needs a big impact, not small changes.

Nyree Nestor

Once you get to secondary school, especially KS4, it’s important to start recognising and progressing your strong points. As young mayor I will work with Urban Synergy to provide more workshops, to more schools, to help more students understand the world of work and make the most of their future.

The second thing I’ll do is create a platform that will be accessible and seen by everyone, for you to promote your businesses, skills, services and talents. This platform will be on all social media and updated in schools monthly, so the word about your product WILL get out. On this platform I’ll also put up exciting work experience opportunities and apprenticeship opportunities available to do in your spare time if you want to.

Lastly, as young mayor I will act on things you want me to change as the whole point is for me to represent and help young people in the borough.

Thank you for reading and remember to vote Nyree for young mayor of Lewisham 2017!

Jennifer Ngakia

The welfare of young people in both my local community and borough has always been something dear to my heart. There are so many young people who are talented in various areas and have the potential to achieve great things by making their mark. Therefore, If I were elected young mayor, my three main priorities would be: promoting more youth events for young people to attend, more services to allow dreams to become a reality and to bring awareness of real life issues such as depression and peer pressure. My overall goal is to make the invisible visible, to unite all young people and do what is best for the future of Lewisham.

As an aspiring YouTuber, I can use my social platform to provide feedback through monthly vlogs, to keep all the young people updated. If young people are aware of what’s going on, the more involved they would want to be. So, I believe that I am the best suited person for this role as I am willing to put in the extra hours and be committed to the role. I want to make a change, not just for people who know my name or who I am, but to know Lewisham’s name and who we are. I hope to make my mark and be that change.

Sadé Ojo

If I were to become young mayor one big issues I’d like to tackle is knife crime and victims. In Lewisham there are a lot of knife crimes and deaths that are left unanswered. From my perspective I’ve seen a lot of suffering because of the level of gang violence in this borough. I would like you (the people of this borough) to allow me to assist the community with my ideas to put a positive vision of our borough.

I see two sides of Lewisham, the positive and negative... I want people to think of Lewisham as a safe borough and an opportunity-giving place. I’m going to do this by visiting schools and centres with high-profile celebrities to give talks about what I’m willing to do to make this borough better and what they can do to help me.

Using social media, I will investigate new campaigns around keeping the area tidy –#weloveLewisham! I will assist schools by setting up a counselling service for those affected by gangs, weapons and related threats. I also want to help young talent rise to create an early careers path for their future. Vote for me and I will change this borough for the better.

Mariam Orelaja

Young people aren’t able to participate in the voting system, yet we’re old enough to be arrested.
If we are disenfranchised then how are we aware of our rights?

Because we are young we are torn between a word of hate and ambition with so much to lose, so much to fight for and so much to change. Young people are usually perceived as hooligans and unserious about their futures. As young mayor I hope to create other avenues for young people when it comes to education and employment. So they are not forced into colleges and apprenticeships that won’t help them with their future ambitions. This would be done by giving young people the opportunity to interact with adults that work in specific fields that they are interested in. Also this would be accompanied by workshops showcasing life skills e.g. cooking, and also create safe havens for young people to showcase their talents in a safe environment.

Maya Purday

I don’t believe we are the generation of tomorrow. I don’t believe we are the leaders, politicians, teachers, creators and scientists of tomorrow – our time is today, not next week and not in five years. We are growing up in uncharted territory: no other generation has ever grown up as connected to the world as we have. Many adults say their teenage years were some of their hardest which shows things need to change. And while there are psychologists and other experts who know what they’re talking about, I firmly believe the people who know what’s best for the young people are the young people.

Therefore, today is our day to challenge what’s going wrong. My aims are to create more space for teenagers to be able to speak up by making an active social media presence and arranging with the 17 secondary schools in the borough for students to have opportunities to say their piece on what needs to change, whether it’s catcalling, Lewisham not having a cinema or mental health spending cuts. I have a strong debating history and I am not afraid to be outspoken towards authorities in order to open the stage for young people.

Daniella Salmon

I would like to show how diverse, cultural and creative Lewisham is by organising a cultural showcase day to celebrate our diversity. I’d like to ensure young people get the opportunity to take first aid workshops so that we can take action to help when people need assistance. Work experience is important to help us explore our choices for our future employment. I would like to give a voice to young people’s views about issues affecting us.

Life is a blessing so I’m addressing young people, value life. Vote for me Daniella Salmon.

Morgan Seward

As someone with autism, I know the difficulties faced living with a disability, and how it feels to be “different” from your peers. I want every young person in Lewisham to be accepted, and I want people to gain a better understanding of how disabilities can affect everyday life. I would do this by delivering youth disability awareness workshops across all Lewisham schools.

Performing in my school band at this year’s People’s Day festival, it was clear that Lewisham has lots of talented young people, but I don’t feel that there are enough opportunities to show that. Therefore if I am elected I would implement more organised social events for young people to showcase their talents, bring the community together and break down social barriers.

I feel this would make a valid difference to the young people of Lewisham. My campaign message is simple, and that is “one Lewisham”.

Fergal Sharpe

If I was elected then I would join the campaign for the voting age to be lowered to 16 so that 16 and 17-year-olds can have their say on a national scale. I would work with local MPs and councillors to promote this cause.

Finally I want to help young people progress after education by giving an opportunity of work experience which companies are likely to adhere to because of paid incentives. Not everyone wants to go to university and this gives young people other options where they can start a career earlier.

Vote for Fergal Sharpe on 11 October.

Asia Shay-Cohain

If I become young mayor I will have a students’ voice campaign where once a week students will speak up in their schools to improve their learning and school community.

I will also listen to other students and young people and find out what they want.

Omarii Smart

I want to provide places where young people can ask each other for help in situations they have been in before. Also, I want to provide workshops and work experience opportunities for young people to attend to guide them on the steps to achieve their dreams and goals as many know what they want to do but don’t know how to get there. It will also provide a taste of what life as an adult will be like. I also want these workshops to prove to adults that young people need to be respected as peers as well as part of our community.

Shemar Stewart

One of my goals is to tackle mental health issues and make sure people with them are worked with closely and are given many opportunities to take part in positive activities. I would also like to carry out more workshops revolving around the future of our youth, career opportunities and showing them the countless routes for when school finally finishes for them. Finally, I believe schools should carry out more interactive lessons that cause pupils to be intrigued such as having conversations about issues going on around us and how they relate to the work being studied.

Mkem Ubogagu

Firstly I would like to focus on gang culture and youth killing as personally I’ve seen how it’s affected people. I’d like to go to other schools and run workshops on gang culture and violence which hopefully will persuade people to choose the right path.

Secondly I’ll try and help people with activities they want to start such as t-shirt and film making, I can personally help by going to youth clubs. Lastly I think schools should come together to do things, like sports and friendly competitions, so Lewisham can unite as one.

But it’s not just my voice but yours. Vote Mkem and see a real Lewisham.

Natalia Valencia

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