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Young mayor candidates 2018

Read the manifestos of candidates who are running to be Lewisham's young mayor.

List of candidates​ ​

Adam Abdullah

I’m running based on socialist values: for the people, by the people. I have five promises that’ll be done no matter what:

  1. Free period pads for all that need them in Lewisham state secondary schools (this could possibly roll out further).
  2. Lewisham youth will be represented at all protests regarding cuts against them. I will support striking workers for better wages and conditions. If necessary, protests will be called.
  3. I’ll organise question times with police and politicians in school so they’re accountable to you.
  4. To make free contraception more easily accessible to young people in Lewisham to tackle the HIV and STD rates.
  5. To build closer links between schools and local universities and colleges so all can learn together.

Why you can trust me:

  • I was at the counter-protest when fascists came into Lewisham and other anti-racist demos.
  • I also went on an aid trip to France for the refugees there.
  • I’ve played roles in campaigns for workers’ rights and have been at protests about gentrification too.
  • I’ve written articles about the unfair, unjust GCSE changes and issues in education.
  • I won the Jack Petchey Achievement Award for charity (raised approx. £500).

Twitter, Snap, Insta: aabdu02

Zainab Agboola

Hello everyone, my name is Zainab Agboola and I am running for Young Mayor of Lewisham because I would like to make a change to the borough of Lewisham. I plan to accomplish this by making the youth of today help change the world around them. This will be of benefit to themselves and to the wider community, they might want to do this through social media, writing online or even hashtag activism. There are many ways young people can ‘be the change’ and make a difference to the world.

One of my ideas would be for me to promote youth and learning centres for young people to benefit from different sorts of life changing training. This could be either after school or at weekends and would be free to access for all youths. Having a centre would definitely have a huge impact in their lives and will probably take them to a better place in future. This will allow students with hidden talents to find themselves, to share ideas, and communicate with one another. This would be useful to this great community and to themselves. Most of our young people don’t intend to do bad things, but because they are not loved, they feel hatred in their hearts, this will also help their parents.

As part of this community, I have realised knife and gun crimes are increasing, which troubles my heart a lot because these young people are our leaders of tomorrow, and their lives are being wasted. We need to do all we can to bring back our youths, the future of now and tomorrow, out of crime. The people are our concern.

Let’s change Lewisham for the better, together we can make a change. Please vote for me to be Young Mayor. Thank you.

Dhillon Ahira

I’m Dhillon Ahira and I’m running for young mayor of Lewisham. As a teenage activist and artist, I’m passionate about making the community a better, brighter place for youth.

I’m already active in the community: running workshops, setting up a petition, making a donation, designing logos and posters for campaigns and speaking at events.

As young mayor, I’d focus on creating free, accessible support groups that specialise in art, politics, BAME, LGBT, mental health and more. The groups will help young people learn, share, have fun and de-stress, as well as educating and entertaining the youth to help tackle knife crime. Also, supporting those struggling with mental health. In addition, I will make sure that Lewisham becomes an eco-friendly and tidier place by organising clean ups and getting more recycling bins. This would be done through the support groups. These groups could create murals too – changing stereotypical views on teens, and brightening up the borough. To summarise, these are my four promises:

  • at least three new murals in Lewisham, organised and created by the youth
  • at least four youth groups
  • at least five community clean-up sessions
  • new recycling bins for at least three parks.

So vote for community spirit, vote for support, vote for Dhillon Ahira on 17 October.

Nike Ajijola

I could write about stopping gun violence, taking youths off the street, or even preventing drugs from overtaking Lewisham – however, I prefer to be realistic. We aren’t old enough to legally vote, yet we’re old enough to be arrested? Does this seem fair to you? Young people are overlooked in society. There is so much that we can do or say to help create a better community, we just don’t have the platform to do so. This year, I want to be that platform.

So no, I’m not going to write about the dangers of knife crime, we already know them. Instead, I’m going to ask you a question. If somebody got stabbed, would you know what to do? No? I wouldn’t either. I’m going to change that.

I’m also running to look out for our potential athletes, actors and musicians. We all have talent, we all have potential, but we all need support. I want to provide the opportunities that our schools have failed to supply.

I want to hear you. My campaign is your campaign. We are the future of tomorrow, but first we need to make a change today.

Vicky Ayiku

One of the main reasons why I want to be young mayor is to decrease the amount of youth crime.

A lot of youths put themselves and others in danger just to fit in, and I feel like that is one of the main things I think affects society today.

I would also like to introduce anger management groups to help teachers understand students’ point of view and this will make people focus and stay calm within school lessons.

I would also like to bring in equality days to let youths know what they are worth and how important they are to society. For example, gender equality day to make people understand the struggles that women went through to make this world a better place for young ladies, myself and others.

Thank you for reading my speech, vote for me for young mayor.

William Barker

I believe that I would make a great young mayor, and I want to use my funding to make a maximum positive impact across secondary schools and youth groups in Lewisham.

My policies:

  • I would bring £1,000 worth of extra funding to all secondary schools across Lewisham. This would work by me giving the school’s board £1,000 and telling them to get the students to vote where the money is best spent.
  • I would make sure that there is an extra £500 for all youth groups across the borough.
  • I would also make sure that there are suggestion boxes in Lewisham and Catford shopping centres, libraries and schools.
  • I would attempt to bring Barclays Bank in to give free talks and workshops on banking and CV skills. I would arrange one-off lectures on things like careers and the stock market.

I care about all youths of Lewisham.

Please remember to vote on the 17 October that you back Barker!

Follow me on Twitter @young_mayor.

Tanisha Barrett-Thomas

The best leaders are driven by both ambition and compassion, therefore I consider myself to be a successful leader. My name is Tanisha Barrett-Thomas and I’m going to express my desire to lead Lewisham to prosperity and success. One of the first mistakes we fall into is that we fail to motivate our students during the tough time for GCSEs. The final year is something students should take full advantage of instead of cramming crucial revision in the last couple of months. I want to tackle this disregard towards GCSEs.

Secondly, we as students aren’t receiving the right intervention regarding street hanging and knife crime. Many times, I have seen my own friends become lost in a world of demotivation, which then causes them to confide in the roads. Awareness from real people, who have lived through real experiences, are the same people I aim to include in my mission to save the lives of our friends and family.

I aim to connect with you through social media, school assemblies and local notification areas.

I can’t promise you the world, but I want to change the way we live and learn in Lewisham. Thank you.

Stephanie Boateng

I am running for young mayor because I want to build on the achievements of my predecessors.

Unfortunately, youth violence is still a sad reality for the young people in our borough, and this summer has been labelled by the Evening Standard as a ‘long summer of violent crime’. Fortunately, for the past two years I have had the privilege of being part of a local community unit with a proven track record of not only getting young people to turn their backs on violence and crime, but mentoring them to become successful productive members of society. One of our success stories has been featured in a BBC documentary and is now leading the community unit. With the support of this group, I can access and mobilise young people.

I want to initiate a mentoring scheme for young people, based on our already successful model, and make it accessible to all young people in the borough. Let’s make Lewisham a safer place where young people become successful.

Jack Byrne

When the young mayor of Lewisham elections come around, most of us vote then never hear anything again. I have experienced how frustrating this is, and have decided to change that. Unlike most who state this, I know how I will achieve it. How will you hear from me again? Quite simply, I will go around to schools and keep you informed, and take all suggestions. You will soon see change.

Firstly I will invest in youth clubs and more specialist clubs, like music or drama, across Lewisham. We already have great youth clubs, but more won’t at all hurt. If I can, I will go to schools more about this in person.

Secondly, Lewisham can be known for better things than gangs and stabbings. We all know that, and I know we can show that to the rest of London. I will work with other young mayors to get that message out there.

So, if you want to hear from the young mayor again, vote for me and you’ll hear more soon. It is known.

Jade Chandler

Hello, my name is Jade Chandler and I am 15 years old. I would like to be the young mayor of Lewisham to make it a better and safer place for the young and old people to live in.

I go to Brent Knoll School and I am extremely excited to go to college next year. For the last 10 months, I have been taking part in the DofE Award. I really enjoy the volunteering as I get to work with young people and put something back into the community.

If I was your mayor I would create extra youth clubs that are open after school. This would help young people to stay safe, socialise and enrich their lives. Secondly, I would like to set up a centre where young people help the elderly with their shopping and help find shelter for homeless people. Schools can help participate in this. We could also coordinate with the local food banks to help the homeless and the elderly receive their food. Lastly, I would create a day in summer for street parties in Lewisham. This will bring communities together and give people a chance to get to know each other. We could provide entertainment and laughter, as laughs are free. I will always try my best for our borough.

Danielle Colleman

I believe we need to change the way young people are educated. We are not taught how to manage money, how to conduct ourselves in professional settings or about our rights. These are skills that, when we don’t have them, can lead to us missing out on great opportunities. Young people want to be independent: we want to control our lives and have freedom to control our own futures, which is not given to us in school.

As part of my drive for education, I am organising a youth entrepreneurship conference, which connects young people with exciting people in business, giving them job opportunities and helping them learn how to make money.

Have you ever worried about being stopped and searched? Have you ever been worried about how the police treat you because of how you look? I want to bring in people to educate you so you’ll never fear again. I am the solution to these problems, that’s why you should vote for me as young mayor of Lewisham.

Chantel Dete

Due to the media, some young people are seen as problems toward the public. I believe that these stereotypes are false, and we should all be known as young successful individuals, gaining and giving respect. As young mayor, I shall do this by running workshops (in collaboration with Urban Synergy) to allow students to have varied ideas of what they would like to achieve (from doctors to footballers) in the real world (opening paths) as there is pressure placed onto us.

I believe that Lewisham is filled with talented children. I intend on opening clubs which include: dance, music studies and urban art. A big showcase will take place allowing everyone to feel included and use their time productively (making Lewisham a vibrant community). These are a few ideas I will be acting towards if you vote for me, Chantel Dete on 17 October. We have the power, we are the future.

Ben Foster

Hi, my name is Ben Foster and I’ve studied in Lewisham since I was 10 years old, and I’m currently in Year 10.

I love music and I want to give more young people a chance to explore their talents in the music industry. Learning to make music can be unaffordable for a lot of young people, so my first idea is to better promote free music sessions provided by local youth clubs, such as the TNG in Sydenham.

My second idea would be to start a campaign to promote a safe space in secondary schools where students can leave their personal belongings without worrying they will be stolen.

Being young mayor means giving a voice to young people who aren’t often heard. A vote for me means positive change for you.

Thank you for reading and please vote for me on 17 October!

Aminata Fullah

Hello everyone! My name is Aminata Rosetta Fullah, I am 15 years old attending Bonus Pastor Catholic College. I want me and the rest of the Lewisham youth to come out of the stereotype of being loud and troublesome.

Youths have so much to bring to the table, one of them being their talent. Lewisham is full of so much hidden talent, which I want to showcase and not put to waste. I want to change the perception older people have of us youths and I know we have the annual People’s Day, but not everyone gets the chance to touch that stage. So vote for me and let’s work with a voice for the youth, not waste the potential that Lewisham has and create a brighter future for each and every one of us.

Thank you and don’t forget to vote for me on 17 October.

Cody Gordon

Hi everyone, my name is Cody and I’ve gone to school in Lewisham all my life. In the future I want to become a biomedical scientist – until then I want to enjoy my life as a young person growing up. In Lewisham, this is something we all want: a safe borough that has many opportunities to offer young people. Knife crime is an issue that affects us all, but is not something that should be normal.

If you vote for me, my first priority would be to create a borough-wide campaign promoting intervention groups where young people can seek support on how to stay safe, whilst talking to youth workers who have shared experiences, giving each young person the help they need.

I’m sure we all want to chase our dreams and become who we want to be, that means we need real life experiences to get a better idea of career opportunities available. My second priority is to work with the Council to promote work experience with the local government and local businesses, so that you can discover new skills on different careers.

On 17 October, vote for Cody Gordon. I’ll do my best to represent you.

Annabelle Gorrie

My name is Annabelle Gorrie. I am a person for the people. I am in Year 8 and I am kind, caring and an awesome student. I am running for young mayor for three major reasons.

Number one: to make Lewisham a better place, since there is a lot of knife crime nowadays. Number two: I want to prove that anyone can do anything. Number three: to install a free app which can scan a text and produce an audio for it. So vote for Annabelle because I care for you and your enjoyment.

Oban Henderson

Hi, I’m standing for young mayor to help support this talented generation to express themselves creatively. My main focus will be helping young people develop their musical and theatrical talents, including those less experienced in these areas. This would be achieved by creating opportunities for them to showcase and improve their skills. This also encourages people to socialise face-to-face and meet new people in their community.

In addition to this, I would increase the awareness of air pollution in London as I believe that it is a major issue as the city has suffered illegal levels of air pollution since 2010.

Finally, I would help add to the street art appearing around Lewisham by commissioning artwork to be done by young people, using my links with 6 Arts and Team Catford. This would also involve volunteering to help create the street art.

I believe that, with me as young mayor of Lewisham, young people will have invaluable experience within the creative arts, as well as knowing how to respond when faced with a medical situation.

Thank you and vote Oban Henderson.

Kelis James-Kappo

Hi my name is Kelis, I’m 14 and I’m applying for young mayor because I would like to make a positive change to the Lewisham community.

Examples of this would be creating opportunities related to employment, education or business opportunities, and I would also like to reduce youth violence in the borough.

Growing up in Lewisham, I’ve seen with my own eyes this generation being victimised and neglected in many ways. To minimise this, I would create community-owned hubs to help change the community in a positive way. This would also give alternatives to young people in Lewisham.

The way I plan to pursue this is not only by giving the youth a different lifestyle, but also finding them mentors who have been through similar situations to help them overcome the problems and issues they face.

I would also like to run a programme called Speak Out. This programme would target a wide range of young people from the community and help them to boost their confidence and be able to inspire others. The aim is to create a powerful movement to support our generation. I need your help to make this happen.

Thank you for listening to me, let’s make Lewisham an environment where young people can become young achievers.

Alexander Kemmeni

I am standing for young mayor of Lewisham for three reasons:

My first reason is that I would introduce a wide range of workshops in Lewisham that offer extracurricular activities and skills that are otherwise not accessible, such as entrepreneurial workshops. I believe this will improve the standard of education and give young people in Lewisham the chance to find their passion.

Secondly, I would like to introduce a fund that allows children and young adults who come from low-income families to have access to necessary equipment and supplies if their carers can’t provide it for them due to financial reasons. I believe that everyone should have the right to an education and people shouldn’t be prevented from participating fully in school because they don’t have the right equipment.

My third and final point is that the young people of Lewisham should be allowed to express their creativity. I will promote this by advocating for more street art and music.

If I am elected, I will work to the best of my ability to implement these ideas and serve the borough of Lewisham and the young people within it. So please vote for me.

Francesca Lane

Knives, gangs, violence. When these are mentioned, what are your thoughts? Do you feel safe? Ever heard anyone talk about it?

Do you fear for your safety? All over modern media, we are plagued with stories of young people killing other young people, yet, our much loved youth clubs are closing by the minute.

So, how can I help? We need to find the roots of youth violence, so we don’t have to ask these questions, and young people don’t need to carry knives. I will dedicate my time into preparing workshops and assemblies in schools to prevent our friends getting arrested, injured or killed. After all, tragedy doesn’t need to happen, not here, north London, anywhere.

Have nowhere to go after school/work? Clubs too pricey? I know what this feels like, so I will fund more youth projects and clubs so that you can have a safe space to have fun, gain qualifications and learn life skills, without the crazy costs.

Find yourself complaining? Whatever happens after that? With me as young mayor I will act on your concerns and listen to your issues: big or small. Your voice is my priority so please vote for someone who will listen.

No Lane: No gain. Thank you, stay safe.

Dixie Lee

How many past young mayors have you voted for? How many have you heard from since?

My name is Dixie Lee. If I become young mayor, I will be following in the footsteps of many amazing leaders. People who shaped communities, brightened futures and changed lives.

But whoever heard about that?

For too many people, the young mayor just means a day when you get out of class for 10 minutes to cross boxes. I want to change that. Vote for me and I will make sure that the future of Lewisham isn’t just someone else’s job.

I want to use Instagram, YouTube and other social media to get people involved and genuinely interested in what happens in Lewisham. After-school clubs. Holiday activities. Getting to vote at 16! I want to see these as a reality. There’s a £25,000 budget for the young mayor, and I want to see it go to the best causes.

But that’s enough about me. This is your future too.

Have an opinion? Share it. Want a change? Help it happen. Do you want a say in your borough?

Vote Dixie Lee. Your ideas should be heard. The future should be for all of us.

Luis Makaj

I, Luis Makaj, am running for young mayor of Lewisham to make a difference for all teenagers out there whose voices haven’t been heard and I want to make Lewisham borough an even better place.

First of all, I will be using some of the money to supply schools with essential resources like textbooks, exercise books and reading books. Some schools lack these essentials, even though they play a vital role in educating children. This issue is important because if a child has not got access to these resources then they will struggle to learn, and if the future generation lacks education then the future of Lewisham borough will not be as bright as it could be.

If I am elected, another thing I will do with the money is build a skate and bike park, because many teenagers ride bikes and skateboards in the road and if we build one, risk of injury would be reduced and people will be able to ride freely.

The last thing I will do is use the money to organise charity fundraising events to help teenagers.

Luke Morgan

Hello, my name is Luke Morgan and I am running for young mayor of Lewisham. If I become young mayor, I would promote feminist clubs so people are respectful of girls and women. With the money I get, I would ask other young people about what they would like to do with the money. I would create more fun activities after school, including a food club to help people eat more healthily. They can make food for free and they don’t have to bring ingredients.

Remember vote Luke Morgan for young mayor of Lewisham and like feminism.

Storm Mykels

My goal is to make sure that every teenager in the borough is able to fulfil their dreams, big or small. As a young Lewisham resident, I am aware of the high teenage pregnancy rate in the community. If a young woman does get pregnant during secondary school or college, it can be a major setback.

To raise awareness on this topic I would introduce a YouTube channel based on sexual health to help prevent teenage pregnancies and also STDs, because they can affect both genders.

I also want to improve work experience. To achieve this I will discuss careers with local advisers in and out of schools about placements available.

Another topic I want to work on is the youth’s creative outlets. Many teenagers like me feel like there isn’t any space to channel our artistic abilities, because of this I would like to run an art club.

I will feedback to you through social media updates and assemblies. I am the best person for this role because I am resilient and relatable. I can also bounce back from criticism.

I am standing because I embrace the idea that actions speak louder than words. Vote Storm!

Alistair Nicol

I wish to stand as a candidate for the young mayor elections in Lewisham because there is a bad reputation associated with young gang violence. I am passionate about finding the right way to prevent this from happening, which is to talk to other young people and see what their problems are and how we can help them.

We have to take into account the number of people at the peak offending age and note that the growing youth bulge in Lewisham may correlate to rises in such violence. Between 2010 and 2011, there were high levels of serious youth violence. This could have been caused by factors such as drugs in the area. There was a dip in the violence, but over the years it has risen again. Between 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2016, 294 offences were committed. Of these, 30% were violence against persons, and 70 were knife related.

I hope to work with the police and other agencies to combat the rising crime rate, through dialogue and printed leaflets. I hope to build a safer community in which youths are happy with each other. I would also like to reopen youth centres and give young people work experiences and job opportunities with local businesses in the community.

Joy Okobia

The reason I am standing as young mayor this year is that I feel I can really make a big change to the Lewisham community. How will I do this? For one, I believe that setting up more consistent youth centres and adventure playgrounds would really help young people get off the streets and give them a safe place to go after school. This could help young people express themselves and share their talents.

I would also like to make more events and conferences for young people to voice their opinion on what’s going on in the Lewisham borough (stabbing, knife crime, young people missing etc.). This would help me as young mayor understand how young people feel, and make changes other young people want as well. I also believe I could set up cheaper educational programmes, like extra classes for maths, English and science in local youth clubs, because not everybody that has the potential can afford to attend the master classes, for example in Sainsbury’s and Excel in New Cross Gate.

I hope you vote for me.

Sam Osmond

Hi, I’m Sam Osmond and I am running for young mayor of Lewisham. I strongly believe that our borough has a lot to offer and the problem is not that there is nothing to do, but young people are not educated on the clubs and opportunities available to them. I will work with schools and youth clubs to promote activities and encourage them to develop their extra-curricular programmes. I will invest in improving the experience of the clubs and then in turn encourage more people to sign up. This will help people like you to learn skills and give less time to engage in crime.

Vote Sam Osmond to open the door to a better Lewisham.

Beatriz Pereira

My name is Beatriz Pereira and this year I am running for young mayor. I’m not trying to stop stabbings or any crimes of that nature, because that is something that is out of my control. However, I can help you change your mindset on life and plan your future. I want to inspire those teens who have lost their way in life and show them it is possible to live lavishly as long as you put in the work and never give up!

As young mayor I will do more career events that won’t make you fall asleep in the audience, but will truly motivate you. I will also try to incorporate more cultural diversity in and out of school. Lewisham is home to some of the most talented workshops that will advance your talent. I want to help you find your own voice and not be afraid to be heard. I am not like everyone else, I genuinely want to see a difference in the borough we live in.

Remember the name Beatriz Pereira and vote for me on 17 October 2018.

Harold Rodipe

I am a student of Deptford Green School. I am standing for the young mayor of Lewisham in order to put an end to lack of youth employment opportunities, negative stereotyping, failure to succeed in the education system, pressure of materialism, substance misuse, knives and brutal killings and also to encourage young people to be active citizens.

Young people like Damilola Tailor, an innocent boy killed at the age of 11 years old. He wanted to become a medical doctor so he could cure his sister’s illness. He was unable to achieve his ambition due to knife crime. Youths need more awareness in this aspect and also to enlighten them.

I want to be the voice of young people, to listen, create more opportunities to empower them and represent their interest in their local society. I will create more awareness on fairer society so that young people can have the opportunity they deserve regardless of their background, ethnicity, gender, religion, race or disability.

I will also advocate for the creation of more youth clubs where young citizens of Lewisham can socialise and learn together. I want to create different recreation centres to encourage more activities like art, fashion, catering, film and drama, which will encourage more young people to be active citizens and prepare them for a brighter future. If I am elected as young mayor of Lewisham, I will work with our local schools to create more workshops and learning opportunities where emergency first aid will be thought of as an aspect of compulsory subjects in case of any unforeseen incidents. Children are the leaders of tomorrow, this can only materialise if we are properly represented and get the support we need to prepare us for the future.

Mihail Schoengut

Hi, my name is Mihail Schoengut and I am running for young mayor. I believe that we need change. My agenda will be focused on crime, education and the environment.

Crime is a problem in this borough. We need to divert children from crime to sports, art and dance. I don’t want to hear about the death of another young person, how they were killed due to being at the wrong Education is something to improve by adding funding to schools and making sure that those who are behind can get the help they deserve.

Environment is something important to me. I want to make sure my generation’s children can call Lewisham home with no problems. I would do this by adding recycling bins in schools so we can end the waste fields.

You guys would always be the people I am representing. My agenda will give you the best opportunities for your future and adult life.

Because I believe it is time to support the next generation.

Tyler Smalling

I may not be able to change the whole of Lewisham, but I can change one or two people’s mindset or lifestyle. I think that the voiceless people should have a say in the community, because it’s unfair how popular people always have the right to speak or take actions without informing others that are shy or aren’t motivated by their friends or family to speak up about what they can do as young mayor or for the Lewisham community.

I have seen friends, and people I don’t know, stabbed or critically damaged because of the choices they have made or friends have inflicted on them. That’s what’s wrong, we need to allow young people to speak their mind more often because what they say can change someone’s life.

So as young mayor I would like to open doors for young people, so they have the right tosay what they want. I want to open doors for people who have no courage and motivation from their peers to go to clubs or learning centres to meet new people, learn new things and build confidence and courage in themselves, so that when they grow older they can do their own thing and hopefully inspire others to make the right choices.

Archie Stevens

Hi, I’m Archie and I’m running for young mayor of Lewisham to make your life better in and around the borough. All I ask is for you to vote for me.

I will create a welcoming environment and a sharing economy, wherepeople learn from each other. All young people deserve the opportunityto learn new skills. I will create a skill-sharing community. Available for all.

I would do this by asking for volunteers to teach skills like sport, music, performing arts, cooking, English and other languages and skills to young people. This would be especially for people who can’t usually access extracurricular opportunities. But it would be open for all kids who are educated or live in Lewisham.

I will also advocate for street art and public performances such as music, drama, magic and dance.

Finally, I will work with you, for you. I will help young people transform their ideas into realities. Whether you want to make the roads near your school safer or just think your estate could do with a bit of brightening up, I will be there to support your ideas.

I will change Lewisham for the better. So please vote for me.

Rachel Taylor

My name is Rachel Taylor and I want to be young mayor because I would like to change young people’s lives for the better and show young people’s talents by boosting their confidence. If you vote for me, I will be able to impact the young people of Lewisham through workshops, youth clubs, schools and colleges. I would like for all young people to find a pathway that they are comfortable with and be able to pursue their dreams with the right type of motivation and inspiration. I would like to get the youth off the streets and into jobs, training, and education, and bring the knife crime rate down significantly. I want to know what you want to be done so you can be in a happier and safer environment. I make it my goal to make the young people of Lewisham safe and successful and that is what I intend to do.

Shannon Whittaker

I am standing for young mayor of Lewisham because I want to make a positive change in the Lewisham community. I would like one of the main focuses to be improving the mental health of children and young people. I suffer from a medical condition called NEAD (Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder). Suffering from this had put me off taking on such responsibility, but I thought it was time to put my fears aside and focus on something positive.

If I had the pleasure of getting the role of young mayor of Lewisham, I would like the funding to be put into youth clubs and centres. I believe there are not enough youth provisions for young people to access. These would be safe places for young people, which may reduce the amount of knife crime. I also agree, as many others would, that stress and anxiety contributes to so many young people’s lives. I would like counselling services to really have an understanding of the needs of young people, therefore I would like to work with these services and try to expand accessibility for young people.

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