Lewisham Council - Postal and proxy voting

Postal and proxy voting

If you are unable to get to the polling station on election day you can apply for a postal or proxy vote.

Voting by post

If you want to vote by post, your ballot paper will be sent to your home or another specified address. You can apply for a postal vote for an indefinite period or for a particular election.

Any application for a postal votes must be returned by 5pm on the 11th working day before any election.

​Proxy voting

You can apply to vote by proxy for an indefinite period or a particular election.

For a permanent proxy arrangement you must provide a reason why you cannot vote in person and this must be attested.

Any application for a proxy vote must be returned by 5pm on the sixth working day before any election.

All forms, once completed, should be sent to the address below. ​


Electoral Services
London Borough Of Lewisham Laurence House
1 Catford Road
Se6 4ru


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