Lewisham East by-election results 2018

Lewisham East by-election results 2018

Results of the Lewisham East by-election which was held on 14 June 2018.

​Name of candidate Description (if any)​ Number of votes
​ADOO-KISSI-DEBRAH, Rosamund ​Green Party ​788
​ARCHER, Ross Kenneth ​The Conservative Party Candidate ​3,161
​CAREY, Charles Edward ​37
​DABY, Janet Jessica ​Labour Party ​11,033 ​elected
​DIMAMBRO, Massimo James ​Democrats and Veterans Party ​67
​FINCH, Sean Edward ​Libertarian Party 38​
​GRAY, Patrick Hugo ​The Radical Party 20​
​HALL, Thomas Bartholomew ​Young People's Party YPP ​18
​HOPE, Howling Laud ​The Official Monster Raving Loony Party ​93
​KURTEN, David ​UKIP ​380
​MARTIN, Maureen ​Christian Peoples Alliance ​168
​REID, Mandu ​Women's Equality Party ​506
​SALEK, Lucy ​Liberal Democrats ​5,404
​WATERS, Anne Marie ​The For Britain Movement ​266


​The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows
​A: want of an official mark ​0
​B: voting for more candidates than the voter was entitled to ​32
​C: writing or mark by which voter could be identified ​0
​D: being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty ​35
​Total 67​


​Electorate ​Votes cast in polling station ​Votes cast by post Votes cast (including rejected votes)​ Turnout
​66,140 ​16,536 ​5,520 ​22,056 ​33.35%

Total number of valid votes cast: 21,979

Votes required to retain deposit (5% of valid votes): 1,099