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Access to information

Here you can find out more about these acts, and learn how to request information from us and other public bodies.

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The above acts mean that when you request information from us, we must let you know whether we have it and, subject to certain exemptions, we must supply it.

These acts give us an opportunity to improve the ways in which we manage our data and we welcome them because we are committed to a culture of efficiency and openness.

UK National DNA database

Since 2004 the UK’s National DNA Database has been permitted to hold DNA samples of any individual arrested of an offence regardless of whether that individual was actually charged or convicted. The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 requires about a million innocent people's records to be removed from the National DNA database in England and Wales. The Government has announced that all DNA samples will be destroyed by May 2013 and all records on the DNA database and fingerprint database will be made consistent with the Act by September 2013.

In the meantime you can apply to have your records deleted early. The Metropolitan Police has issued an Early Deletion Procedure for people who were unlawfully arrested or mistakenly identified. You can use this procedure to request deletion of your DNA record and other data (including fingerprints, Police National Computer record and photographs) if you were unlawfully arrested in London.


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