Lewisham Council - Whistleblowing


There may be exceptional circumstances where major concerns fall outside the scope of our complaint procedures set out elsewhere in this section. To cover these areas we have a whistleblowing policy.  

The whistleblowing policy is a supplement to and not a substitute for other avenues through which complaints or matters of genuine concern may be raised. 

Examples of the issues which it might be appropriate to raise through the whistleblowing policy include:

  • conduct that is a criminal offence or a breach of law
  • disclosures relating to miscarriage of justice
  • health and safety risks to the public and/or employees
  • damage to the environment
  • the unauthorised use of public funds
  • possible fraud or corruption
  • sexual or physical abuse of clients, or
  • other unethical conduct.

Concerns may also be raised under the whistleblowing policy where the nature of an allegation means that it would not be appropriate to use those other avenues of complaint, for example, where the allegation relates to a more senior officer, or the whistleblower fears reprisals should they make a complaint through other channels.

Please remember that the whistleblowing procedure is appropriate only if other channels of complaint are not.

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