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Sydenham local assembly - Sydenham Wells Park

Meeting information

Sydenham Assembly fund 2018–19

The assembly fund is now closed to applications.

Come to the next assembly meeting on 11.30am–1.30pm on 1 December at Sydenham Library, 210 Sydenham Road, SE26 5SE to vote for the proposals you would like to be funded.

Examples of previously funded projects

We gave:

  • £1,200 to provide gym equipment to offer healthy and positive activities to young homeless people at Single Homeless Project. This was part of a large project to develop an unused space to provide a range of stimulating and developmental activities for the young people
  • £2,000 to provide Christmas hampers and Christmas lunches to people on low incomes and those who are isolated in Sydenham at Christmas
  • £600 to build on a local project to create street planters as an alternative to street trees, bringing the community together through community gardening activities and a street party
  • £1,800 for a weekly tutor-led craft group targeted towards low-income, vulnerable and socially isolated adults.


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