Lewisham Council - Free Access for National Sportsmen and Women Scheme (FANS)

Free Access for National Sportsmen and Women Scheme (FANS)

Athletes who live, work, study or go to school in the borough and perform or compete at a national or regional level can benefit from free access to local sports facilities.

Do I qualify?

Are you a sportsman or woman performing or competing at a regional or national level? You are eligible for the scheme if you live, work, study or go to school in the borough and currently meet one or more of the following:

  • are a member of a national team or squad
  • are over 10 years of age and listed in the top 50 of any national age group ranking by the National Governing Body (NGB)
  • have been selected to represent your team or sport at a regional level or above (e.g. London, South East or county – Kent, Essex). 

What do I need to apply?

To apply for the scheme you need to:

  • download and fill in the FANS application form below
  • provide a letter from the National Governing Body of your sport, confirming your ranking or current level
  • provide two passport photos.

Then send everything back to: FANS, Cultural Development – Sports, Second Floor, Laurence House, Rushey Green, Catford SE6 4RU.

Once we have received your information and are happy to proceed, we will send you your card so you can begin benefitting from the free use of many sports facilities in the borough.

The FANS programme is available at the following sports facilities:


Membership of the FANS scheme is renewable every 12 months two weeks prior to expiry, pending continued sports performance at a national and regional level.
In return, a condition of FANS membership specifies that, within reason, members will make every effort to attend promotional events at the facilities as requested by us or leisure partners.
FANS members will be allowed one free training partner if the sport so requires and/or a personal coach to attend along with the athlete, if appropriate. FANS members must supply their own sport specific equipment, ensuring the venue is aware of the equipment being used, and is in agreement with the use of their equipment. The scheme is for individual use only and will not accommodate teams or clubs.


Cultural Development - Sports
London Borough Of Lewisham Second Floor
Laurence House
1 Catford Road
Se6 4ru
020 8314 6293


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